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Top 13 FAQs About League of Legends Account

top 13 faqs about league of legends accounts

With a game as popular as League of Legends, there are naturally a lot of commonly asked questions, for newcomers and veterans alike. In this post we’ve pulled together the top thirteen of those questions and answered them in plain and simple terms, so you can concentrate on enjoying your experience.

What Are These Questions About?

League of Legends (LoL) is a little more involved than your typical gaming experience, even with many publishers moving towards account-based gaming. With the depth of statistics and attributes that make up the LoL experience, the game represents a significant time investment for the more avid players. This is why it is important to know all you need to know about your league of legends account, because problems with your account are all the more frustrating.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to recover a hacked LOL account?

If you have lost access to your account, you can regain it by heading over to the official League of Legends account recovery page and filling out the necessary details. Using this page you can enter information that only you should know, such as the email address you originally signed up with, or the oldest known email address your account has used.

2. How to know how many skins does my LOL account have?

League of Legends has over a thousand different skins, with the exact count being 1,176 with the release of the Shan Hai Scrolls series.

3. How to change LOL account region?

Changing regions in LoL is easy, however you will you need riot points to do so. Simply log into your account, head over to the store, and select the region you want to transfer to from the those available. Before joining a new region, you will be given any necessary warnings, such as usernames being taken, or ping being higher. If you are happy with the conditions of the new region, you can hit accept and make your move.

4. Can you merge LOL accounts?

It is not currently possible to merge two League of Legends accounts together. If you have access to both accounts and meet the necessary requirements, it is possible to gift items from one account to another, however. This may be an acceptable alternative to merging accounts.

5. How to find out when was my LOL account created?

If you still have access to the email account you originally set the account up with and have not deleted the email, the easiest option would be to check the date of your initial sign up. Alternatively, if you made any transactions at or near the date you first signed up, you could try requesting your account data and checking the transaction dates.

6. How to recover LOL account without email?

If you do not have access to the email account that is linked with your LoL account, you will have to use the account recovery tool to recover your account. By entering certain details, such as the oldest email account that was used with your LoL account, you should be able to recover your account even if you cannot access the email that is currently linked to it.

7. How to use LOL account checker?

LoL account checker can check the username and password of an account, as well as if it has a validated email attached, and even how many champion skins it has. Using it is as simple as importing a text file of usernames and passwords and hitting “start”. The important thing is to make sure that the text file is formatted so that each new line has a username and password delimited by a colon (:), like this;



8. Can I transfer my LOL account to another server?

Transferring your LoL Smurf to another server costs RP, but is simple enough if you have sufficient RP to afford it. All you need to do is log into your account and head to the store. Once there, check the regions for available transfers. You will be presented with any necessary information—such as if the new server has inferior ping to the one you are leaving—and if you are happy with these details, you can go ahead and move your account.

9. How to add RP to your LOL account?

RP—or Riot Points—are exclusively purchased using real-world currency, and can be used to purchase a range of in-game items that will not affect your gameplay performance, such as cosmetic items. You can purchase RP using several payment methods, either through the website or in-game.

10. How to level up LOL account fast?

There is no shortcut to success, but winning matches will level you up much quicker than losing them. Try to buy EXP boosters whenever you can, as this will help you level up quicker. And log in every day for the “First Win of the Day” mission, which gives you a nice EXP boost.

11. How to protect your LOL account?

It should go without saying for any account online that you need to have a secure password for your account. Consider using a password manager to ensure yours is as secure as possible. Don’t share your account with other people, and never give out your password—remember, LoL employees will never ask for your password, so don’t fall for phishing attempts.

12. Is account sharing bannable in LOL?

Account sharing is indeed a bannable offence under LoL’s terms and conditions. However, given that the accounts are free, there is little reason to risk being permanently banned when you can just make another account.

13. What are botted accounts LOL?

Botted accounts are accounts that use software to automate actions. In this manner, “bots” can grind an account up to a respectable level with very little effort on the part the human behind it. It should be noted that botting is against LoL terms of service, and accounts caught doing it are banned.

Why These Answers Are Useful

With a game like LoL, losing your account—whether it be through losing access or having it hacked or stolen—or any number of other LoL account problems can be devastating. Armed with the knowledge above, you can make sure that never happens.

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