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Level 30
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Level 30
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Hand-Leveled 40-50 Champions
Level 30
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Level 30
In stock (1)
Hand-leveled 30-40 Champions
Level 30
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20,000+BE Free Name Change
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Level 30
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Why You Should Buy a LoL Smurf from us

Here at AussyELO, we care a lot about quality. We make sure you are 100 percent satisfied with our service, from the
payment process to the actual LOL accounts you receive.
Instant Delivery
Upon purchase, you get the account details instantly in your specified e-mail address, with instructions on how to change the password and attach your own e-mail address.
Customer Support
Come say hello! We have a friendly and helpful support team ready to answer your questions about our services and everything about League of Legends accounts!
Account Security
Our LOL accounts get the hand-processed treatment. We create the accounts manually and make sure they are leveled-up and treated with utmost care.
We provide full recovery details with our League of Legends accounts and smurfs. Our site is secured using SSL technology and uses Paypal for payment processing.

Why Buy a League of Legends Account

What PEOPLE SAY About Us
We understand that real feedback matters in your decision-making process. Check out what previous customers have to say about us!
Brent K
Couldn’t be more satisfied with my purchase. Payment process was a breeze. Got my account instantly and was able to play it with zero issues.
Jesse O
Wanted an account to duo with my silver friend who was begging me! Able to have 2 full rune pages + my main champions with 1 or two champions I want to experiment with within 10 minutes! Greatjob
Michael C
Excellent customer service! It’s my first time buying a League of Legends account, so I had no clue about the entire process. The customer support team was more than happy to help and make sure I’m satisfied with my transaction.
Darrell B
The account I got is really good. I’ve bought accounts from other websites before but all of them got banned in less than 24 hours. No such experience with the account I bought here.