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Why buying a Valorant smurf account is a good idea.

Why buying a valorant smurf account is a good idea

If this is the first time you've heard of Valorant, it's a highly-competitive first-person shooter game, designed and produced by Riot Games. Valorant's mechanics are inspired by the father of competitive first-person shooter games called Counter-Strike. However, it has its distinctive twist on it. Similar to Counter-Strike, the game is set on a bomb-situation where there will be attackers who will plant the bomb on the given sites, and defenders that will halt every attacker to plant the bomb on the site. The twist on this particular game is that every character has its distinct skill-set. Unlike Counter-strike wherein a player will play a standard model that can carry a gun and certain utilities, Valorant, on the other hand, is very different and distinct.

We call the in-game characters as "Agents" and every Agent in Valorant has its particular title, which will dictate their effectiveness. There exists a duelist, a sentinel, initiators, and controllers. It's a first-person shooter game with a splash of an RPG type of style. The beta version of the game was released on April 7, 2020. It received multiple good reviews from known personalities and streamers alike. The beta version of the game leveled to its hype and the game was released on June 2, 2020, with a battle pass of its own. However, rated matchmaking wasn't included in the package. The rated matchmaking was released a few weeks later so that the newcomers will better understand the flow of the game.

The overall mechanics of the game is easy and straightforward. If you got to experience playing 1,000 hours worth of Counter-Strike, you'll quickly see the resemblance. You'll notice that the spray control of a Vandal is similar to the spray control of an AK-4. An experienced Counter-Strike player will quickly understand the flow of this game. One of the remarkable aspects of Valorant is their matchmaking tick-rate. A standard tick-rate should be 64-tick as running a server that's higher than that is deemed to be expensive. However, Riot placed Valorant in a 128-tick rate, which makes playing this game very smooth and precise.

Another amazing feature about this game is its anti-cheat software called "Vanguard." Vanguard is helping Riot games to protect the game from annoying cheaters and aim-bot users. There are various instances that vanguard will kick everybody out of the game just because it has detected a hacker in it.

Valorant is a fully furnished game and thought of- Riot undeniably took notes of everything. They used Counter-Strike as a basis and they listened to the feedback regarding the tick-rate and the anti-cheat software. This isn't to say that Counter-Strike is a bad game- it's very much still a great game. However, if you're looking for a game that has stability and adequate anti-cheat software, then play Valorant.

Before all that competitive action takes place, this is where Valorant accounts come into significance. The primary step is creating an account and afterward, you'll be placed in a range where you'll get to understand the mechanics of the game- simple movements, aim practice, and getting the feel of the game. After that, you'll be forced to play 20 games of unrated before heading to rated. It sounds boring and mundane, but you need to go through it. The purpose of this is to give room for gamers that are beginners to the first-person scene to learn the basics of playing this variety of game. A lot of League of Legends players are playing this game as well, which is why Riot designed Valorant to be player-friendly and uncomplicated.

With all that being said, if you're a hardcore first-person shooter game, then buying a smurf account is an adequate deal to consider. Games in unrated are as boring as ever. For a person who went through 20 games of unrated just to reach the rated matchmaking, it can be mundane and disheartening. A competitive gamer plays for the thrill of the risk of losing their rank or gaining a new rank. In unrated, you don't get all of that. In unrated, you usually play with beginners who are new to the scene. You have to watch how dreadful their cross-hair placements are, and how they control the spray.

Valorant smurfs are usually players who have played a huge amount of first-person shooter games. They know the recoil of everything, the movement, the cross-hair placements, and throwing good utilities. Throwing utilities is much more complex than what you usually think, for a single bad use of utility will be a game-changer for you or the enemy team. Valorant smurfs know these kinds of things. It's a good thing that Riot isn't against Valorant smurfs as Valorant accounts that are smurfs will not get you banned. If you have to encounter a smurf, learn from them. Don't be salty- if they know the insides of the game, why not ask them? Don't be disheartened if you're bad at the game, just try your best to gain skill and gradually, you'll get there.

There are a lot of Valorant accounts for sale. You can get one for as low as $20, depending on the rank that you want. If you want an account that has in-game cosmetics, this will cost you more than $20. Valorant accounts for sale exists to give you the option of making the game experience more engaging and competitive.

Buying a Valorant smurf will save you a lot of time, given that a single game of Valorant ranges from 30-45 minutes, depending on the flow of the game. This will save you a ton of time to get into the thrill that you sought for. Valorant is a free first-person shooter game that you'll love, and it's great to play with friends. For all the first-person shooter gamers out there, this game is a must-try for you. Buying Valorant accounts is highly recommendable, especially for the sake of getting the dull and tedious stuff out of the way. At the end of the day, buying Valorant accounts for sale is the best decision you can make, especially if you're used to highly-competitive first-shooter games.

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