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Tips on How to Be a Good Team Captain in League of Legends

A team leader or captain in League of Legends, who is typically chosen during Champion selection, is entirely optional outside of esports. But having one on the team can be a big help, especially since everyone typically plays with total strangers. It’s nice to have someone coordinating the attack and making critical decisions for the team.

But to be a good team leader, you will need more than just an extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the game. Here are a few tips that can help you out if you fancy being the main shot-caller in League.

Establish good communication early

As in, as soon as you get voted to act as the team leader for the match. Let your teammates know that you have great communication skills. Plan out strategies early and tell your teammates your expectations, quirks, preferences, and other things that need to be mentioned. Players tend to keep silent during early game when everyone’s busy on earning gold and EXP. So it’s important to have an established communication line within the team early on.

Always keep your composure

Don’t ever rage on teammates. Just don’t. No good thing will ever come out of it. Raging on particularly bad teammates won’t magically transform them into South Korean-level players. It will just make the situation even worse. Plus, it makes you look bad. And we all know how anger can easily cloud one’s judgment. As the team leader, it’s important that you don’t get baited into chewing out teammates who are doing poorly in the match.

If one teammate keeps feeding, don’t blast him with an angry message in front of the team. It might discourage him and lower his morale even more. Or worse, it might kick-start a full-on shouting match, which is just a waste of time. Instead, offer suggestions on how he can improve his play and avoid getting massacred every three minutes. Help him get his footing.

Be super-clear with instructions

To avoid misunderstandings and costly mistakes, make sure your instructions are crystal clear when play-calling. League is a game where an entire team can be wiped out in five seconds or less during a team clash. One small mistake can be game-changing, especially during late game. So it’s vital that the entire team is on the same page when it comes to tactics and strategies. Refrain from giving vague instructions that teammates need to clarify more than once to fully understand.

Don’t be bossy

Being the captain doesn’t mean you’re free to order teammates around. Nobody likes it when someone is constantly on his or her ears, giving out non-stop instructions and unwanted commentary on everything, from trading blows with an enemy Champion to last-hitting minions. Keep a balance between letting your teammates actually play their game and offering suggestions to improve their game.

Also: Be courteous and polite when talking to or giving instructions to teammates. Don’t come off as a self-entitled asshole who treats everyone – including new and inexperienced players – with little respect. This is very important if you want teammates to listen to you throughout the match.

Own up to your mistakes

Don’t blame others every time you get killed in the game – especially the support, who often gets a huge chunk of the blame whenever something doesn’t go right. League players who are doing poorly have the tendency to point fingers for their mistakes.

Yes, as acting team captain you have a little bit more voice than others. But that doesn’t mean you can just blindly blame anyone. If you make a mistake, make a quick apology, tell your teammates you’ll do a better job next time, and then move on. No need to stick around and look for ways to save face. (This tip actually applies to all League players, not just team leaders.)

Give compliments to teammates

Don’t be stingy with compliments, man. When teammates get a kill or do something worthy of a praise, like helping another teammate escape an ambush or perfectly setting up a gank, compliment them for a job well done.

You don’t need to be all emotional and compose a lengthy message. Just a simple “Great job!” or “Nice one!” should suffice. It will make them feel good about themselves and strive to continue to play great. The little things count in League, too.

Be decisive when it comes to plays

As team captain, you’re going to make a lot of decisions, big and small, throughout the match. Like giving Teemo the green light to do whatever the hell he wants or allowing lover Champions Rakan and Xayah to keep sticking together despite being rendered ineffective. You don’t have to make the correct call 100 percent of the time. But it’s important that you’re decisive when it comes to it.

Don’t change your mind constantly; otherwise, your teammates might get confused about your instructions. Many players can quickly adjust to changes on-the-fly, which is really a necessity considering League is a fast-paced game where commands happen in real-time. But that doesn’t mean it’s all right to keep changing plays all the time.

It’s also important that you’re confident about the plays you call. Consider the pros and cons of each decision you make and live with the results. Yes, even if things ended up horrendously. Having doubts will affect how you call plays.

Have all of your teammates’ back

Treat all your teammates equally regardless of their skill levels. Don’t give special treatment to teammates who are doing way better than everyone else. If a teammate is constantly screwing up, offer him support by encouraging him and telling him that you have his back no matter what.

You will need all team members if you want to win the match, so it’s no use to alienate one of them. When your teammates are blaming each other over a particularly bad sequence, step in before it becomes a full-on fight. And definitely, don’t pick sides.

Listen to your teammates

Communication is a two-way affair in League. Aside from giving instructions and calling plays, you also need to listen to your teammates’ input. Consider their suggestions and ideas that they think could help the team win. Don’t just flat out ignore them and say your ideas are better. Be prepared to adjust your strategies on-the-fly as well.

Hopefully, these tips can help you become a good team leader in League. But before you dream about leading a team to countless victories, consider getting your skill to a respectable level first. You can practice without damaging your reputation by using a Smurf account. Check out our offers!

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