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I know Teemo compared to the many champions that RIOT offers is very tiny. But if there is one thing that playing League of Legends has taught me, is the power of Teemo. Believe it or not but Teemo is every bruiser’s nightmare. He can own you and zone you pretty hard that by the end of game you would have an awesome number of minion kills and possibly new CS points.


Here are the reasons why Teemo is my number one LOL champion.


First Teemo can harass you and zone you on the laning phase when you are both top. He can also use his blinding dart against and enemy that’s attack speed based to make them hit “Os” or miss out on their attacks for a while. Apart from that if you are playing Teemo you will realize that he does a lot of damage overtime. He can split push so much so that you will need mobility to stack before you’d get at least a couple to nail the guy. Trust me because Teemo is underestimated no one sees him coming and this leaves him with a smooth ride and easy kills.


Here is the best way to play Teemo, get kills and probably win easy.


Start out by harassing in lane. In simple terms don’t let your enemy to farm, make the lane phase to last as long as you can, and while harassing keep you focus on the last hitting minions. Again one more tip, forget the hurricane until later on in the game this could slow your farming speed.


When the game begins don’t give any chance to walk away from available kills. Teemo is fragile and early but when he grabs the kills his potential sky rockets. And take care not to be ganked as this is the easiest way to keep Teemo out of the game. But if you don’t get ganked go ahead and carry the game it will only be yours to lose.


If you want Teemo to be versatile try playing him on Hybrid. In Hybrid Teemo will split push easily, the damage of your mushroom will also be avoided by any skilled players with purple wards. But if you want to play Teemo on AD, that’s still fine for the backdoors. Check out more Teemo Builds and strategies that will work for you.


Here are a few more tips on how you should play Teemo’s skills.


Like I said, I have used Teemo before and in my opinion Toxic Shot comes first. This is because it will be your main source of damage regardless of what Teemo you are playing. It will help you in securing kills and will therefore be pretty fine for harassing lane.


After maxing the Toxic Shot I always prefer going with Move Quick as AD or Hybrid. But as AP Teemo the Blinding Dart would be perfect after the Toxic Shot. As AP you have no escape but to max the Blinding Dart as it is your major poke. But as AD or Hybrid Teemo, you should max the Move Quick to split push fast or to run away fast.


It is true Teemo is pretty popular in every tier but it will surprise you how many gamers even think of using it. My advice is try him out sometime and let me know what you think right under the comment section.


It takes time for any gamer to determine their best champion. However a great champion should be strong to deal a lot of damage, have a fantastic Ult, and possibly own awesome skill shots. If you main such a champion, no doubt you will have a thrilling conquest too. If you want to practice with Teemo and see if he fits your playstyle then consider buying an unranked level 30 league of legends accounts from us today.


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