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How to Stay Classy in League of Legends in 7 Ways

The advent of online multiplayer is kind of a double-edged sword. On one side, it’s a lot more convenient and easier now to play with or against other people from halfway across the globe. With a stable internet connection and a few clicks of a button, you can dive into a world full of fellow gamers, ready to answer challenges any time. But on the other side, it has now become way easier to fool around and act like jackasses over the internet.

After all, unlike in old school LAN multiplayer, players now won’t be able to easily bitch-slap anyone who’s being too stubborn or overly trash-talking a fellow player – ally or not. As such, online multiplayer has become notorious for being too “toxic” to be in, and arguably no other game receives as much flak as League of Legends. If you’re a newbie in the game, it’s easy to agree with that notion, especially after encountering nothing but toxic players for consecutive days.

Some players eventually grow accustomed to the toxic culture and become toxic players themselves. Don’t be one of those players. If the League of Legends community is treating you like shit, just take the high road and focus on your enjoyment instead. Remember, you’re playing the game to have fun first and foremost. That said, here are 7 things to keep in mind on how to stay classy in League of Legends.

  1. At the start of the match, before the Champion selecting, greet your teammates warmly. You don’t have to overdo it with sentiments and other stuff best reserved for romance movies. Simply say hello and tell everyone to have a great time. This lets your teammates know that you are open to communication – a very important aspect in-game – and that you pay attention to chat messages. If “communication” isn’t your thing, then League of Legends isn’t for you. Seriously. The game heavily relies on teamwork, which requires good communication, especially between the ADC and the Support.

  1. Again, before selecting your Champion, talk things over with your teammates on how to approach the game and, most importantly, who gets to play each of the five roles in the game (top, mid, ADC, Support and the Jungler). One of the worst ways to begin a match is telling your teammates who you’re going to pick before anything else, and so is telling your teammates which Champion they should pick. Unless you’re the designated team captain or play-caller in a five-man crew with real-life friends, telling everyone your preferences is bound to rub off on your teammates the wrong way.

  1. On a related note to number two, if you and your teammates are discussing who gets to play who, don’t bring up your “intensive experience” with a specific Champion or other past experiences that apparently evidences your “mastery” over a Champion or a role. Chances are, you won’t even have proof of your claims and it will make you sound arrogant, boastful and cocky to your teammates. There are times where you won’t be able to play the role you’re accustomed to, a role which you heavily practiced with using an unranked Smurf account. But make sure that you make it really clear the things you’re good and not good at during the planning process. Don’t pad up your reputation; it’ll get you into trouble.

  1. Use chat communication the right way. Meaning, hold your tongue (or fingers) from saying unnecessary hurtful stuff like insults and things too uncensored to write here. Be kind to teammates who made mistakes, especially if they’re relatively new to the game. Simply tell them what they could have done to avoid the mistake. Try to raise their morale and continue to encourage them to have fun. And don’t start a fight with your teammates either. That’s counterproductive. Pointing fingers will get you nowhere and your opponents will likely rejoice that a discord is brewing within your team.

  1. But if your team indeed breaks into a fight or an argument, play neutral and assess things objectively. Listen to both sides and try not to be judgmental. If one side notices that you’re obviously siding with the other side, you might also get dragged into the mess, even though you’re just trying to cool things down. Tell both sides that you all still have a game to win (a little optimism wouldn’t hurt in such instances) and get the arguing teammates to see the bigger picture.

  1. If you notice that one of your teammates is using a weird build not typically associated with the Champion he is using, don’t ridicule him and tell him what to do and not to do. Who knows, maybe he’s onto something. Give him the chance to experiment with his Champion’s build and see how things go. You never know if the build will prove extremely useful in the end unless you (and your teammates) allow him to push through with whatever he’s cooking up. A little creativity is welcome in the game. After all, many other builds started off as experimental.

  1. Don’t throw away the match and run away from your keyboard if things are clearly not going in your team’s favor. You can’t win every match, even if you purchased a high-level League of Legends account. Stick around throughout the match until the very end together with your teammates. If your teammates are trying their best to lose with grace, then you should, too. And after the match ends, take the result in stride and don’t forget to chat “GG” to everyone.

If you noticed, almost all of these tips center on communication. This is because playing League of Legends is similar to dealing with people in your everyday life. And one last thing: If things aren’t going well for you in the match, refrain from whining about it and just focus on improving your performance. League of Legends is already perceived as a toxic place to be in, so don’t add to the bad reputation and just take the high road when given the choice to keep things always classy.

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