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Short on Riot Points? Here are 7 Champion Skins That Are Absolutely Free

Champion Skins are a great way to give your favorite Champions another look to keep thing fresh and interesting. These alternate costumes can be acquired in various ways, but mostly via Riot Points which can be used to purchase stuff from the Riot Store. However, Champion Skins can be a little expensive. And it also doesn’t help that they provide absolutely nothing aside from cosmetic changes, making the truly expensive ones less enticing. Well, unless you count bragging rights that come with owning a rare and/or expensive Champion Skin. But fortunately, there are a few Champion Skins that can be acquired without spending a single Riot Point. Here are the 7 Champion Skins that you can get for free in League of Legends.


There’s a reason why Riot Girl Tristana is the most popular Champion Skin ever: it’s the easiest Champion Skin to get. Newbies or veterans, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been playing League of Legends. You can get this Champion Skin right out of the gate. To get Riot Girl Tristana, all you have to do is “Like” the official Riot Games Facebook page. That’s it. No need to earn anything. Just “Like” the page, get the redeem code, and roll out with this cute Champion Skin. If you don’t have Tristana yet, don’t worry; redeeming the Riot Girl Tristana Champion Skin also unlocks her.


This Champion Skin is as easy to get as Riot Girl Tristana. If you have a Twitter account, just follow the official Riot Games Twitter account and you can have this Champion Skin for free. Garen, the base Champion, also comes free of charge if you don’t have him on your roster yet. Double win for you. If you want a triple win, bust out an unranked League of Legends account and practice using Garen until you can slaughter everything in sight. What’s a cool Champion Skin if you can’t show off equally cool gameplay skills?

Dreadknight Garen is based on the “death knight” character from the Warcraft series. So it’s a little surprising that a Champion Skin based on another very popular video game would come free of charge. Then again, if Riot Games put a price on Dreadknight Garen, Blizzard Entertainment would probably sue them for making money out of something based on their property. Even if the resemblance isn’t exactly noticeable.


Like Riot Girl Tristana and Dreadknight Garen, this Champion Skin is one of the most popular among players due to its ease of access. To get this blue-skinned and relatively friendlier-looking Alistar, simply subscribe to the official Riot Games YouTube account. Obviously, you need a Google account for that. So if you’re still stuck in the Stone Age and still use Yahoo, sign up for a Google account first, which is similarly free. If you don’t have Alistar yet, you can still get this free Champion Skin. Riot Games will also hand you the Champion without any charge.


Believe it or not, although League of Legends regularly turns close friends against each other, it’s still a game that promotes making friends via the Refer-A-Friend program. Or “RAF” for short. And to give you incentive to actually make use of said program, Riot Games offers the Grey Warwick Champion Skin as a prize should you manage to reel in three friends to the game and have them reach Level 10. Yes, they would have to actually play the game in length instead of simply checking it out for an hour or two. And like all previous free Champion Skins mentioned, if you don’t have the base Champion upon unlocking this Champion Skin, Riot Games will also hand it to you for free. (Note: This Champion Skin was only available for a limited time.)


Here’s one reason to get even more of your friends to sign up for League of Legends and play the game for an extended period. The Medieval Twitch Champion Skin can be yours for free once you have five friends that are all Level 10 or higher under the RAF program. You also get Twitch if you don’t have the Champion yet beforehand. Five friends might seem a small number, but remember League of Legends has quite a reputation for being a toxic game. So its reputation could make it harder for you to sell the game to others, much less get all five them to actually spend the time to reach Level 10. (Note: Like Grey Warwick, this Champion Skin was limited-time only.)


We’re now down to the two free Champion Skins that can actually be difficult to acquire, despite not requiring you to spend any Riot Points on them. First up is the Triumphant Ryze Champion Skin, one of the rarest Champion Skins around. To get this Champion Skin, you need to win in an official League of Legends tournament. No, your little LAN party with real-life friends doesn’t count as one, sorry. Official tournaments can be in-person, meaning you would have to go to a real physical venue somewhere, or simply online. The latter, obviously, is more convenient. But the catch is that you would need a lot of practice to wipe the floor with not-exactly-noob players. A great team is a must, so it’s important to have lots of practice, which you can easily do using an unranked Smurf account.


Every Season, Riot Games hands out a free Champion Skin to top-performing players. These are called the “Victorious Skins,” given to players who manage to reach an enviable Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master or Challenger rank at the end of the season. In Season 6, the reward was the Champion Skin Victorious Maokai, which was announced a month before the season ended. This Season, Season 7, the Champion Skin reward is still unknown, and we won’t likely know until deep into the season. Season 7 started last December and will end this November. So if you want to get the free and presumably limited-edition Victorious Champion Skin this season, all you have to do is play, play, and play until you get better. No shortcuts, unfortunately.

Triumphant Ryze and whomever the Season 7 Victorious Champion is can both be acquired even if you don’t have the base Champions unlocked yet. Similar to the other free Champion Skins prior to them.

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