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I have played in the league for close to four years now. And during this time I have seen many teams that lost a game simply coz’ they didn’t know how to use their champions well, didn’t coordinate properly, or left themselves too exposed to receive damage easily. Well there isn’t any doubt that in order to win a game in the league you’ll need to really understand your player mechanics and invest some serious hours on your lol account.


Many people have talked about this and there are a 1001 posts probably lying in the internet today and talking about the same – that’s why I won’t touch on it any more. There is the one thing that hardly any seems to talk about but which could also swing the game to anyone’s favor – using the right settings for your game. Settings are very vital, they are game changers, and will work well with your champion to win you the game. Here are some settings any lol player could use to enhance their performance.


Chat Stamps


Chat time stamps allow you to take note of any timed event. This can help you and your team to make pretty much informed decisions about how and when to make use of such timed events. It might not be really important now that we’ve got jungle timers but honestly speaking they can still work to your advantage and swing the game your way. Some of the most ideal timers that you’d wish to keep track of may include wards, summoner’s spells, and ultimate abilities among the rest.


Windowed Borderless


If you’ve got a powered up gaming PC then using windowed borderless will be awesome. Such a PC should have all the right gaming paraphernalia, enough memory, customized cooling system, and a fantastic monitor. If you have customized your PC for gaming you could easily support the windowed borderless mode by clicking “alt-tab” or “command tab” for OSX users. This makes ‘alt tabbing’ pretty easy and minimizes the time you spend between windows. Just keep in mind that it could come with a little glitch but which never really affects the game in any way as it will stabilize before you even realize it.


Item Sets


Ultimate organization is an all powerful trait when it comes to skill games. Ask any pro player if you’ve got any shreds of doubt. With ‘item sets’ you’ll get exactly that smooth organization that allows you to purchase items faster than in normal games. Meaning, you’ll spend less time in the shops and get back to man your lane faster. It could also beef up your CS – creep score with one or two more digits. In the league every moment wasted is a life on the line and a game close to being lost. So with item sets you could easily make up that difference and probably round up the enemy for your ultimate kill. This is often the thin line between victory and death.


Unlocked Camera


Many players don’t really make it their call to play with unlocked cameras. But trust me this can easily make a huge difference when it comes to the battle of the champions. If you play with say locked camera you’ll find a great portion of the screen blocked when playing on the purple side. And this will often make long range champions harder to play. That’s why using unlocked cam can be a great advantage. Use unlocked camera with spacebar key to lock the camera on your champion. It will make it easy for you when transitioning between two settings.


Range Indicators


Range indicators are a must use if you want to deliver reliable skill shots with some of the best champions such as Ezreal. It is a great way to smart-cast and one that indicates the range when the key is held on and only casts when the key is released. Try it out with Blitzcrank to see how it also highlights on the ability’s width.


I really hope these settings that I have given you today will greatly improve your game. I have used them before and I know that with great masteries you’d easily win a game. Good luck and see you soon when we talk about “The Top Ten Strongest LOL Champions.”

February 29, 2016 admin


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