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Pros and Cons of Playing League of Legends with Real-Life Friends

League of Legends is perhaps the most popular MOBA today, based on its number of users alone. More than 100 million players are active each month, according to an estimate by Riot Games last year. However, due to the gameplay’s competitive nature, League has become notorious for its less-than-pleasant community. Though Riot Games has been trying hard to punish those who are contributing to the game’s toxic reputation.

It’s not unusual for players to get treated badly by others in-game, especially newcomers to either League or the MOBA scene as a whole. Many say that one of the best ways to really enjoy and have fun in League is to play with real-life friends or people that you actually know personally. Yes, playing with real-life friends does have its advantages. But like most things in life not named “pizza,” it also has disadvantages. Let’s take a look at a few pros and cons of playing League with IRL friends before you coerce them to buy unranked League of Legends accounts with you.

Pro: Selecting Champions and roles pre-match can be a breeze

As detailed in one of our articles, the toxicity in League can seep in even before the match starts. This happens when teammates are having a discussion – or more like a potentially heated argument – on who gets to play which Champion and who gets assigned to one of the five League meta roles (top, mid, support, ADC, and jungle). Playing with IRL friends make things easier because you are more likely going to have a more civilized discussion where the situation is seen objectively. And since you know each other, you’re all likely aware of each other’s weaknesses and strengths.

Con: It can be hard to turn down a serial screw-up IRL friend

Let’s face it: Not everyone is really built for MOBA. Some are better off playing RPGs, point-and-click games, and other games where fast reflexes and great hand-eye coordination aren’t very important. And not everyone is blessed with IRL friends with pro-gamer-like skills that you wonder why they haven’t taken up pro gaming as a career yet. There are those that are sort of “forced” into including a certain friend during weekend League sessions just because they are, well, friends, despite their tendency to feed 9 times out of 10 in every match.

But since you’re presumably close with them, it can be awkward to point out that, honestly, they suck and are just being too much of a load to carry, even for an overly fed ADC. It’s easier to tell to those who suck in the game but talk big like they’re the ones carrying the entire team. Friends or not, teammates like that are annoying, period. But what if said sucky friend is actually trying their hardest to help out and enjoy playing League with you guys? And what if you and your other friends actively try to show him the ropes but, after around 50 matches or so, it’s really apparent they’re not made for League?

Would you have the heart to tell them that they should just play other games instead or that you don’t want them as teammates? Your reflex would be to say “yes,” but it isn’t that easy.

Pro: A hate-free and easier team communication during the match

Unless you and your buddies secretly hate each other, in-match communication should be free of unnecessary cussing out and other things that start fights between random teammates. There’s mutual respect between you and your IRL friends, something rarely seen when playing with total strangers. (Though some affectionately call their friends using terms usually seen by strangers as derogatory.) Also, if you and your friends are playing in one place – or, in short, you’re having a League LAN party – communication will be a lot easier.

You can easily give and receive instructions in real time without using the game chat, which is a huge advantage in a game where a few seconds of delay could mean a big difference. It’s hard to really ignore an instruction when the person giving it is practically shouting right beside you. This is especially helpful when setting up for a big team clash and teaming up for a gank. Obviously, the support and ADC down below would get a kick out of playing literally beside each other.

Con: Every match, you put your friendship on the line

League is an intensely competitive game that regularly gets the worst out of people, turning them into hate-filled machines that spit curses left and right when under stress, pressure, or both. Anything can happen in any given match. Sometimes you and your IRL friends could be crushing the opponent like pro gamers who had just won five consecutive tournaments. And on some occasions, your team could be on the receiving end of a beat-down so bad that you’re considering quitting the game and locking yourself in your room for about six hours.

It’s the latter situation that will test your friendship. Blaming others and not owning up to their mistakes is a favorite pastime of defeated players in League. And humans have the tendency to say words they wouldn’t say otherwise in situations where anger isn’t part of the equation. So, what do you do during the times your team of best buddies gets slapped with a loss for the fifth straight match?

If all of you are civilized and are a good sport, then things should be fine. If not and one or two has the tendency to start blaming others, then all you can do is pray that your friendship holds up. There are also those who prefer not to talk but secretly harbor hard feelings, which is not cool between friends.

Bottom line: Be careful when playing League with your friends. Sure, it has undeniable advantages during matches. But things can quickly go downhill when situations are unfavorable. Because, really, nobody hates losing. If you think you and your IRL friends have a bond so strong that not even a 20-match losing streak could break it, then by all means, buy Smurf League of Legends accounts together and start having fun!

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