NA Lol Accounts

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Level 30
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Level 30
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Hand-Leveled 40-50 Champions
Level 55+
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Okay, So You May Ask, What Now?
After you have logged into your brand new account depending on the type of account you bought you will need to buy your own
champions and runes with the BE on the account.If it’s a smurf, you can buy champions you wouldn’t play and practice and not have to
worry about losing your precious ELO on your main account!
We take no responsibility over any accounts after ownership has been transferred. (email and password changed to your own).
If you cheat/abuse/troll/afk and get banned that’s on you. Accounts still covered under our warranty if banned for other reasons.
Note: Accounts remain property of Riot Games, you are simply paying for the time it takes/took to play on the account.