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Riot Games has officially unveiled the newest Champion in League of Legends. The announcement came shortly after the badass-looking Champion was teased in a gameplay video. Turns out, he is every bit as badass as the teaser video portrayed him to be, one that is set to make a significant impact in the current metagame.

The new Champion is Kayn, The Shadow Reaper. He is an assassin adept at using shadow magic. But instead of wielding a staff or a rod like a stereotypical magic-user, Kayn fights using a large scythe. It’s not just a regular scythe, though. The scythe houses a powerful Darkin named Rhaast, who is constantly seeking full control of his wielder’s body.

Unfazed by the dangers of using the sinister scythe, Kayn hopes to fulfill his destiny of leading the Order of the Shadow into a new era of supremacy. In a sea of Champions, he stands tall as hands down the most unique of them all. Let’s take a closer look at his abilities and characteristics.


That “most unique of them all” description isn’t an exaggeration – it’s the truth. Kayn has the ability to change classes in the middle of the game, an ability that no other Champion possesses. Fortunately, for his opponents, he can’t switch on-the-go. That would have made him potentially overpowered. He needs to be at the base in order to make the switch.

Switching classes isn’t as straightforward as simply clicking on an icon, either. Kayn must kill opponents for his transformation mechanic to work.

By taking out ranged opponents, he can charge his ability to transform into Shadow Assassin form, which is great for dishing out damage to ranged attackers at the backline. Killing melee opponents charge his ability to transform into Darkin form, which has excellent crowd control.

Both forms are completely separate from each other. They even have different character portraits. In order to fully maximize Kayn in battle, you will need to actively shoot for either form. Staying in his default form for too long will be disadvantageous for the long haul.

This means, you will need to be constantly aggressive out on the field by harassing opponents to fuel the transformation mechanic, which is directly tied to his passive ability, The Darkin Scythe. Due to his need to be aggressive, Kayn is totally not recommended for a League of Legends beginner.

His passive ability also acts differently depending on which form is active. In Shadow Assassin form, Kayn deals extra magic damage to enemy Champions for a few seconds. In Darkin form, Kayn heals himself for a small amount based on all spell damage inflicted on enemy Champions.


Kayn is a Champion built for aggressive playing styles, which is kind of necessary considering his class-changing mechanic depends on killing opponents.

His Q ability is Reaping Slash, a dash-and-slash move that inflicts greater damage to monsters. What’s scary about this ability is that the dash also deals physical damage, not just the slash at the end. This ability makes Kayn dangerous when playing as the jungle.

Obviously, the bonus damage to monsters is a big boost to farming efficiency. The dash movement also acts as a gap-closer, allowing Kayn to quickly pop in other lanes for ganks. In Darkin form, the Reaping Slash ability deals an additional percent-health damage to all non-minion enemies.

His W ability is Blade’s Reach, another ability gift-wrapped specifically for ganking. This ability deals damage in a straight line, slowing down all enemies that it hits. Combined with his Reaping Slash ability, Kayn can easily ambush an enemy Champion using this ability. Blade’s Reach also behaves slightly differently depending on which form is active.

In Shadow Assassin form, the ability causes Kayn to create a living shadow of himself, who then casts the ability in his place. That sounds rather fancy, but the most noteworthy thing about it is that it adds more range to the ability. More range translates to more enemies hit. In Darkin form, the ability simply causes hit enemies to get knocked up into the air briefly.

His E ability is Shadow Step, arguably his most useful ability. Activating Shadow Step grants Kayn a huge boost in movement speed and, more importantly, grants him the ability to walk through goddamn walls. But wait, there’s more! Kayn also heals for a small amount after going through the first wall and the duration of the ability is also significantly extended.

Outrageous, right? Perhaps the only “negative” to Shadow Step is that the duration extension won’t work when Kayn is locked in combat with another Champion. This means Shadow Step won’t be a reliable means of escape all the time if your ass gets constantly handed to you by enemy Champions.

Shadow Step is even more ridiculous when Kayn is in Shadow Assassin form. Using the ability while in his blue form grants him even more movement speed. Plus, he becomes immune to slow. All in all, Shadow Step undoubtedly makes Kayn extremely dangerous because it grants him the ability to freely roam the map to crash the party in other lanes and set up traps in enemy jungles.

Lastly, his ultimate is Umbral Trespass, an ability that works similarly to the Infest ability by N’aix the Lifestealer in Dota 2. This ability allows Kayn to possess any Champion he has recently damaged. Like with Infest, Kayn can’t be targeted while inside the body of another Champion. But only for a few seconds.

You can terminate the ability’s main effect early by reactivating it. Doing that will deal a burst of damage to the now-freed host. Like his other skills, Umbral Trespass has bonus effects that depend on the active form.

In Shadow Assassin form, the ability gains increased range, allowing you to possess enemy Champions from a much safer distance. The bonus magic damage from his passive, The Darkin Scythe, also resets. (In case you forgot already, his passive allows him to deal bonus magic damage for a few seconds upon engaging an enemy Champion.)

In Darkin form, Umbral Trespass deals huge percentage damage based on the target’s total health, which also heals Kayn. Both versions of Umbral Trespass are equally dangerous when used correctly. There’s no real “better option” between the two. It depends on your playing style.


As evidenced by his entire ability set, Kayn is favorably geared toward the jungle role, though he will also work well in the middle lane, especially during mid-game when Champions usually start roaming around the map and jumping into other lanes. If you’re not too comfortable with that playing style, you can practice using a League of Legends Smurf account.

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