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League of legends gives you a host of abilities, spells, and stats to use in order to shift the game to your favor or to simply win you the game. In order to use them effectively it is important for you to understand your style of play. Here are some awesome tips that you should know about these champions’ abilities spells and stats.




Spells help you to battle the enemy champions. They come in a variety of types and the ones you choose should be well tied in helping you with game. Here are some of the best spells that trying out could be awesome, ghost, cleanse, exhaust, heal, and many others. Ghost for instance gives a champion movement speed boost, Cleanse will ward off all the magical effects thrown on you or at the same time remove effects of Crowd Control. While on the other hand Exhaust will help in killing the enemy, it blinds the enemy, reduces their movement speed, and makes them helpless to damage.




Abilities come when you level your champion. Typically you champions begin from one level, and all champions do. At this level they all use 3 simple powers, the Q, E, and W. However as you play and increase your League Points (LP) your skills will also improve in many ways. You could experience an ability to deal more damage and have less cool down. By the time you hit lvl 6, 11, and 16 now your R (Ultimate) comes into play and gets boosted up with each and every one of these levels. This is often the all important champion ability that will help you win team fights and give you a significant cool down (60-150 seconds).


Crowd Control


I know you have read so much more about Crowd Control over the internet. CC has the ability to stop champions from attacking, escaping, or even casting their abilities. It can also help you save your butt or make the kill. CC comes in many options that vary in size, area of effect, and time. Here are some forms of CC that you will find.


The Stun: Stops you from moving. It freezes you for 1-3 seconds, and also prevents you from the casting of spells, abilities, or damage for that period. If combined with high damage it’s plutonic.


The Slow: This one slows your champion. Yes, the champion will be able to move, they can still cast their abilities, and even summon spells, but only at a reduced pace and speed.


The Snare: Just like the Stun, the snare will pin you on one place for a short duration. However it will allow you to use some of your abilities and also some of your summoner spells.


The Fear: Fear factor makes you lose control of your champion for certain duration. This makes you unable to cast spells or abilities, but worse of it causes your champ to slow mo’ randomly.


Silence: This is rare; Cho’gath is one of the champions that uses it. Silence makes you quiet and will prevent you from casting any abilities or spells for that duration that it affects you.




Damage type is another huge trait that the game has at its disposal. It comes in various forms and depends on the type enemy you are playing. Some of the type of damages that different champs will deal include the following, Life steal, Attack damage, Magical damage, and Spell vamp. In Life Steal a percentage of damage dealt to the champion is converted to health. Attack damage is the damage dealt normally without any assistance of spells or magic.


Everything here scales down to knowing and understanding your champion well. If you must win you should know how to play and when to play in. Your champions’ abilities, stats, and spells will give you exactly that.

Learning how to play League of legends is a challenge even for the best players, why not consider buying an unranked lol account and start practicing today.

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