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When it comes to the league of legends there are a lot of things new players and pro players do differently. For instance, while new players choose champions randomly and jump to any lane of their choice, pro players have developed specific skills, role plays, and characters that will define their game.


The truth is as a pro player you can’t always play for the role you want since there is a LOL meta that regulates what works and what doesn’t. In addition to that, LOL is a team game, meaning it will need compromise from time to time and no one has to hang on a certain role forever! If you ever took a shot at LOL and didn’t get a grip of what it’s all about, here is everything about LOL explained and also the basic game play tactics that you should know.


How It Works


The League of Legends is a game where players face each other in a team of five. Each member of the team has a different role play, requirements, and objectives. However, all members work towards one goal, to destroy their opponents (who are also paired in five).



The characters or elements that players use are called the champions. Champions have different skills, power range, and abilities. This makes them suitable for different roles across the game on which any gamer would love to specifically tie them onto. Read along to find out more.



The game is played on a field known as the Summoner’s Rift (the map). The field is made up of three lanes, a jungle, and two bases. All these roads have got towers to protect your base and also enemy towers that protect the enemy bases. Each group has its main building called the Nexus.



In order for you to win the game you must destroy your enemy, all their turrets and base, and finally the enemy’s main building – the Nexus. You will move through the three lanes normally referred to as Top lane, Mid lane, and Bottom lane. Check out kotaku.com for a more vivid look at the raging field and how every element falls in place.



Like we have seen every player/ element used in the league of legends has a specific role. Here is a better outline of how the roles fall in.



The Top Laner: Played by a bruiser. The top laner must destroy the enemy’s top turret in order to win the lane before helping his teammates. Later on in the game the top laner tanks and gets the enemy’s damaged dealers off their team’s carriers.



The Mid Laner. Played by a champion that boats of high burst damage. The Mid Laner is often “uncrackable” because they are the strongest of the group. The mid laner deals insane amounts of damage to win the major lane and works side by side the AD carry.



The ADC Champ. ADC, Attack Damage Carry. The ADC does the most damage and scales the most. This makes the top of the list when it comes to kills and gold. Often he packs the defense and stand out at the late moments of the game to win it all for the team. ADC takes bottom lane.
The Support. I consider the support as the most important of all the characters. Support like the name suggests, supports the team by making plays with the Crowd Control, healing, and giving visibility. They sit at the bottom lane and protect the ADC.


The Jungler. Jungler comes from Jungle. He goes around in the jungle and kills neutral camps for more gold and experience. The jungle has no lane and spends most of his time helping the lanes with his ambushes and surprise attacks.


In order to play the league of legends best, you can check out the Basic Tutorial for League of Legends. It will show you how to move, buy items, upgrade your skill if you level up, and how to use every skill properly.


My advice to all gamers is to check out the tutorial even just once. You never know what you could learn out of it. I did and it really improved my game. See you soon when we will be looking at the League’s Ranking System.

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