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The league has over 100 champions. Meaning that new players can easily pick any champion to use. But because they are new at the game and still do not understand the tricks, they can easily feel intimidated, confused, and spoilt for choice on which champion to go for.

Here is what I believe any newbie should look out for in their champion. They should look for a champion that is good at farming and giving out crowd control in low Elo such as Bronze, Silver, and Unranked lol levels. They should also look for champions with a higher damage power without relying on delivering any skill shots.

In line with these tips, some of the best champions that any beginner in the league could pick are the following.


Ryze is a fantastic champion for any newbie. It balances high damage, nice sustain, and extreme durability. His abilities are always on target thus no need to worry about skill shots. One more tip that makes Ryze stand out is his stun that allows him to hit any opponent flat foot. On last play, Ryze has a powerful Ult that can quickly clear minion waves. Ryze works well with spells and in every way, will keep you in the lane for a very long time.


The one champion with pretty simple but straight forward mechanics, Renekton is often referred to as “the bully of the game” this is because he has a cool sustain. As a player, your main aim is to pile pressure on your enemy and maximize every chance that the easy to use mechanics give. If you are playing Rebekton against ADC champs buy tanky items to give you more protection. Against ranged champs rush in fast and give them no chance.


This is a great champ for any beginner since he can stay in lane for a pretty long time. He can also push his opponent out of lane fast because of his high level of harass. Fiddlesticks has an awesome late game and an easy way of getting minion gold he does enough damage. If you’re playing Fiddlesticks the one thing that you should keep in mind is that his Ult can easily change the game to your advantage and quickly win it all with a single chance.


AP champs have no AD runes and this can make any mid lane beginner sweat in their pants, as they’d have problems slaying minions. However, if you are suing Annie the problem is solved. With her Disintegrate ability you will refund mana on every minion kill that you make. You’ll also shorten your cooldown from 4 to 2 seconds. Annie is the simplest mid champ.


Warwick reminds me of the most invincible champion for any beginner. He is a good chaser, has a great sustain and life steal and above all is extremely durable and a fantastic dueler. He is able to step in as a jungle and when played well he will stay alive and wipe off any 1vs1 champion that crosses his path. However, like Ryze Warwick is a poor farmer.


Morgana is simply “safe.” She negates crowd control easily with her black shield and gets a pretty long foot control duration in the game by the use of her Soul Shackles. She works with many ideal spells. The great thing about Morgana is that she can easily twist the game to your favor and leave you quick win thanks to her Black Shiled.


Garen is a free win for anyone who is a beginner. He has a flawless high base damage and quickly inherits durability. This makes him a threat to anyone who crosses his path. In fact, not even being tanky stops Garen from dealing tons of damage. His Ult is an Execution move and he works well with Infinity Edge and Brutalizer to make it extra lethal.

It can be really tricky having to line up all the best champions for any LOL beginner. So my advice to you is this, join the game and learn as you push up the levels.

Many champions have many unique qualities. There are those who will throw exceptional killer shots and those who will land their target even without such capabilities. So choose whatever is comfy and try as much as you can to learn ever single mechanics that they have.

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