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League of Legends Farming Tips: How to Safely and Efficiently Rack Up Gold

Farming is arguably one of the top three most important aspects of League of Legends, along with team cooperation/communication and avoiding death as much as possible. Yes, the latter is legit, because dying in the game has far graver consequences that in most other games. In some cases, dying even once could immediately signal a “game over” for you, meaning you would be practically useless throughout the match.

Anyway, farming is the act of, well, farming for gold and EXP by either killing enemy creeps or raiding neutral monster camps. Gold allows you to buy better equipment. And better equipment allows you to be more effective during late-game when the fate of the match typically hangs in balance with every team fight.

Farming usually ends during the transition from mid-game to late-game (or end-game), although it’s always a good idea to continue farming if the match still allows it. If you’re a beginner or newbie, farming effectively and efficiently can be very tricky. But it gets easier with tons of practice and patience. Here are non-Jungler farming tips to get you started.

  1. Don’t be late for the start of the first wave of creeps (or minions, if you prefer the official term). For reference, the first wave spawns at the 1 minute and 15 seconds mark. The amount of time it takes for the creeps to reach the enemy creeps depend on where you’re stationed at. The top lane, which is the longest of the three lanes, takes the most amount of time for the initial creeps to clash. Ideally, you would want to be positioned under your turret before the first wave arrives. Why is this important? Because you could miss out on gold and EXP. Losing out on two or three enemy creeps is significant early-game.

  1. Farming is also about NOT attacking creeps. Well, at least not at first. Don’t enter the fray and attack creeps like your ally creeps do. Wait for your allies to lower the health of enemy creeps to critical level first, and then deal the killing blow for maximum gold. This is commonly called as “last-hitting.” Farming efficiently usually revolves around your ability to last-hit, which yields more gold.

  1. As a beginner, it’s recommended to hone in on a specific Champion or two as your “mains.” And the first thing that you should learn about your chosen Champion is his auto-attack speed. If you know how long it takes for your Champion to complete his auto-attack animation, then last-hitting would be a lot easier. You can buy a Smurf League of Legends account and practice with different Champions. Simply choose the Champion whose auto-attack fits your preferences a.k.a. reflexes.

  1. Helping your ally creeps in damaging enemy creeps may seem like a noble thing, but it’s generally not recommended. Doing so pushes the lane toward the enemy turret, which makes it more difficult to last-hit enemy creeps due to the risk of being attacked by the turret. And if the turret manages to damage you early game, expect the opposing lane Champion to go in for the kill. Also: pushing the lane too early exposes you to ganks from either the enemy Jungler or mid laner.

  1. Waiting for last-hit opportunities can be patience-testing. Many players literally stand around and simply watch out for enemy creeps to go into critical. This is not advisable as the enemy Champion can easily poke you from a distance if they’re ranged characters or have ranged skills. They could feign going for a last-hit, but change targets at the last second. To avoid this, randomly move around behind your ally creeps while waiting for the last-hit opportunity. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing a melee or ranged Champion. Just keep moving around instead of passively waiting.

  1. If your Champion is equipped with an AoE skill, it can be tempting to waste all your mana to quickly clear out creep waves in the early-game to rack up gold. Don’t get too fond of this. Chances are, the opposing Champion is monitoring your mana and will pounce on you once your mana proves to be insufficient to effectively retaliate. And relying on Champion skills for farming won’t be beneficial for you in the long run – they distract you from practicing last-hitting.

  1. Don’t be too greedy while farming. Meaning, if last-hitting a bunch of creeps potentially exposes you to an attack by the enemy Champion, it’s better to simply back off. The few seconds it takes you to clear out a huge wave could open a window for the enemy Champion to harass you. Dying is always not worth the trade-off simply because you lose more gold and more importantly, allows your enemy to get the lead on you.

  1. Continue to farm whenever you can even after the laning phase is over, especially if your Champion is built for late-game heroics (yes, we’re looking at you, Mr. ADC). It’s never a bad thing to have more gold than necessary. But do pick your moments when farming during mid-game or late-game. If your team needs you to be in a certain position which coincides with a huge creep wave in your lane, choose the latter.

  1. The last but not the least is to be mindful how the A.I. of the creeps behave. Creeps are programmed to rush to the aid of Champions when the latter is under attack. Also take note of the number of hits it takes for the creeps to go into critical health, especially if you’re farming under your turret.

If you want to monitor your farming skills, you can make use of the Creep Score (CS). Set milestones, like 50 creep kills per game and try your best to repeatedly achieve them every game. Once a specific milestone has become too easy for you, increase the target Creep Score and work toward achieving it the same way. One of the best ways to practice this is via an unranked high-level League of Legends account. Simply focus on mastering your farming skills before switching to your “real” account.

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