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There are a number of skill gamers must learn in the league of legends before they can level up or even become players one can envy. These skills include laning, map awareness, warding, and last hitting among the rest. Today we are going to talk about one of these skills that LOL requires every gamer to have before they can join ranked or even level up – warding.


What Is Warding?


Warding is the act of LOL teams amplifying their map awareness by reducing on the Fog of War. It helps in preventing successful ganks on your team, tracking the enemy’s jungler, and keeping the two main strategic objectives, usually the Baron and Dragon under lock and key.


Why Should You Ward?


In order to view the map clearly (gain vision control) you must ward. Wards usually reveal a small part of the map to your team by providing vision amidst the hefty cloud by the fog of war. At the end of it all multiple warding will gain you awesome map awareness/ map control and grant your allies the ability to observe the enemy’s minions, towers, and champions. It will also help you in taking up objectives and capitalizing on favorable scenarios.


 How Can Wards Be Set?


Wards can be placed to catch the enemy’s champion out of position and where you could easily attack them or deal damage. This is often referred to as an offensively placed ward. Also wards can be placed to warn you and your allies of any incoming ganks (defensively).


Which Wards Can You Use?


There are a number of wards that any gamer can use including the following, the Oracle’s Elixir and the Vision Ward that provide vision of invisible units that lie in any area clouded by the Fog of War and to detect champions or traps that lie in wait to feed on you.


As Lower Elo Gamer, Should You Buy Wards?


Yes, you should buy wards. Avoid the one misconception many gamers think that only Support should buy wards. Ideally in the early game every position should be warded except for the ADC that usually has the Support to do the warding for them. In fact all the remaining gamers should try as much to buy a Stealth Ward when they recall. Trust me if every gamer did this and your wards aren’t taken out by the Oracle’s Elixir you should be able to enjoy awesome map vision.


Should You Ward The Summoner’s Rift Lanes?


Yes, every laner needs to ward paths that an enemy’s gank could come from. However it is the supports job to ward the Bot lane and protect the ADC. It is also the Jungler’s job to ward their own jungle to avoid being invaded and the enemy’s jungle if they intend to invade.  One more thing, remember that later on in the game, the support will do most of the warding as the team will be using their gold income in building their champions by buying offensive and defensive items rather than wards.


Which Items Can You Buy To Support Wards?


The very first items you could buy is a Sightstone and Ruby Sightstone. These two items work effectively with wards to grant an incredible map vision. Ruby Sightstone on the other hand is great game upgrade for the Sightstone however it should be bought early in the game. Finally a Wriggle’s Lantern is also fantastic in scouting and countering junglers and provides 180 seconds ward.


Indeed warding like any other skills say champion build, kill steal, laning, minion kill, or champ kill is really vital to the game. It takes time to learn and therefore needs a lot of patience. If your choice is to learn one skill at a time, be careful not to ignore the warding part. It will help you to win games and score some awesome league points.


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