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For the sake of our beginner pals who are just joining us let’s start out by looking at what League of Legends (LOL) is. LOL is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game that pits two main groups of five players against each other. The game is played on a battlefield known as the Rift / Map. Any team that deals more damage, gets more kills, runs down the opponent’s base, or wipes out all their champion wins. LOL has very specific champion types that every team usually has and they include Tanks, Mages, Support, and Attack Damage Carry among the rest.




Tanks are champions who will try to take all the damage for their team in the duel. They are able to build defensively, take more and more damage, and are often the team’s “front line.” In fact Tanks have awesome stuns, Ult, and spells on their R that helps in disabling the enemy’s champ and in turn setting up their teammates to deal damage to the enemy. In addition to that they have high magic resistance, health generations, and armor capabilities that reduce incoming damage hence the name “Tank.”


Bottom Line: Tanks main role is to soak damage, cause havoc to enemy damage dealers, offer crowd control, and provide main source of protection. However, even though their base health towers in comparison to other champions, their role forces them to sacrifice damage output and to struggle with mana regeneration.




Unlike Tanks that depend solely on their ability to deal damage and soak it up, Mage are heroes that use magical powers to deal damage. Also known as the Ability Power Carry (APC), Mages will use their spells to cause instant death for anyone who walks across their path within range. For team fights they are often the main game changers and the final killers to a winning game. However they are very frail targets with the least magic resistance in the game.


Bottom Line: Because Mages are frail and with low armor resistance they require considerable amounts of protection from Tanks. When safe, they can case awesome damage to the enemy and even become key to victory. Their main role is to burst magic damage or kill high threat targets.




Attack Damage Carry, ADC as they are often called, are there to kill, period! Melee or Ranged, these champs will deal incredible amounts of damage in a pretty short amount of time making them awesome turret killers and gankers. They have unique escape abilities and thus can easily “carry” their team to victory. Their builds are rooted on a mixture of life steals, attack damage, and sometime critical strikes. I have seen other people calling them Physical Damage Per Sec Champions.


Bottom Line: ADC’s come in two main groups, the Bruisers who are built to brawl and even take some damage, and the Marksmen who can deal incredible damage from a safe place behind their team. Their work is to annihilate the front line from safe distances. While the Bruisers can brawl at the frontline with bruisers, they also have incredible ability to dive opponent’s marksmen.




Supports are the main warders of the Rift. They provide direct or indirect bonuses to their allies, they never farm, and only rely on base gold generation and items to get gold for themselves. In addition to that Supports will buy a lot of wards and Sightstones to ensure the Rift is sufficiently warded. If a Support nails an Oracle’s they are able to deny the enemy vision.


Bottom Line: Support takes care of the ADC. They provide heals or boosts when needed by their team. They disable enemies with their crowd control, and ward the map. Sona and Janna make a great choice for Supports.


The last champion that we will look into next time is the Jungler. However finding these types of champions that we have mentioned is a fantastic choice for any gamer that is starting out and is in need of learning how the LOL champions work.


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