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In the League of legends every kill counts. If you want to level up, score some awesome league points (LP) or maximize on your creep score (CS), you must deal damage and possibly nail any last hitting that you can – every knucklehead knows that. There are so many reasons why every person must go for the kills really and I guess I will touch on it. All the same to all my esteemed gamers here are all the basics about champion kills.


Why You Should Kill


Champion kills gives you more gold, points, and experience in the game. The gold will be used to buy gaming items to boost your champion’s performance, the points will be used to level you up, and so is the experience. In addition to that champion kills also takes your opponent out of the game for quite some time making them unable to gain any gold through last killing.


What You Must Know


It is vital to gain early kills in the game so that you can gain more gold and experience over your opponent. Late kills in the game are equally vital as it helps you to secure certain ideal objectives including the baron and the dragon or say pushing towers. One more thing that you must keep in mind is this, re-spawn times for champions deaths will increase according to the level and match duration. In LOL nothing is ever to be ignored.

What About The Gold


The gold that any gamer gains on champion kill is often based on the number of deaths dealt on a row. Every consecutive kill increases your reward by 10% up to 500 gold bars by seven or more kills. The first kill of the match is worth 400 gold bars and that’s why every gamer should focus on early game kill. On the contrary each consecutive death causes your gold value to decrease to a tune of 21% for every death after the first one till you hit 15 on the low.


Assists On Champ Kills


To gain an assist you must either buff the killer with an active skill or damage the killed (low on health) champion 10 seconds before they die. When you grant such as assist around 50% of the gold will be put in a gold pot to later one be distributed among the any guy who assisted in a kill. There are a number of active skills that you can use to buff the killer including heals, shields and even speed buffs. Assists can play a very important part in the game so nail them when you can, however don’t steal, it’s not just cool!


Why Avoid Any Deaths


As a champion you should know that LOL is a 50/50 chance for everyone involved in the game. While you pursue your enemies they will hit you back if they find the chance. Meaning you can also wind up dead right on lane. If this happens be sure to walk right into the following.


• You will give the enemy team more gold and experience.
• You will lose a number of buffs, abilities, and gaming items.
• You will leave you teammates with a huge gap to fill if they must win.


The effects and buffs that you could lose include Oracle’s Elixir, Health Potion, and Mana Potion. The buffs that your killer walks away with could include Blessing of the Lizard Elder and Crest of Nature’s Fury. While the persistent effects that will be lost when you are dead will include Tailwind and Loaded Dice. As a gamer play hard, keep safe, and trust in your team.

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