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There are so many things about the League of Legends that both new players and veterans should learn if they want to enjoy the game. Today I give you the basic ones with the hope that they will help you understand the game better and leave you with the ass kicking thrill you’ve always gone for.


How It Works


The LOL game is played by a team of 5 elements. Each element has a unique role to play. They play on a gaming filed called the Summoner’s Rift. The Summoner’s Rift has three main lanes. These lanes work like roads and help the five elements to carry out their specific duties. But in all, your basic job is to destroy the opponent’s turrets plus their base camp. These lines are top lane, middle, and bottom. It borrows the basics from the battlefront where two warring teams face each other to square it out.


Who Is To Play


Like I have mentioned a team of 5 elements play the game. In total 10 players play the game. It is a case of 5vs5 and the winning team takes all. Here are the five elements and their respective role play.


The top laner is also known as the bruiser. They tank, get the enemies damage deals, and destroy the enemy’s top turret. The next one is the mid laner. The mid laner does burst damage. They are the strongest of the team. And should win their lane fast to come back and help his teammates. In line is AD Carry simple meaning the Attack Damage Carry. The ADC takes it all for the team at the later stages. They scale the most and grow to be the beasts. The Support comes next, Support is to support with skills, heal, grant visibility, and purchase items. Then finally the Jungler, this one has no lane. They roam the forest and launch surprise attacks to enemy camps and turrets so as to ambush the strongest beats and also gank lanes.


How To Rank


In the game we have what is called ranking or leveling. In the league ranked system you will play 10 placement matches. These matches act as deciders on which league you will start your gaming on. Then when you get to the league you’ll level by playing ranked matches. These matches in case you win will give you League Points (LP) and if you lose will get you to lose the LP as too. When your LP hits 100 you will play a promotional series and if you win 2 or 3 proceed to the next level. The LOL leagues have 5 sub leagues like Bronze V, Bronze IV up to Bronze I. They include the following.


  • Challenger
  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze


What To Know


LOL is a team game. Because of this players must talk or communicate. LOL uses a lot of coded jargon and here are some you should know. Noob means Newbie, CS is Creep Score or Minions kill, Farm and Creeps are Minions, and Ult is Ultimate ability available in lv6, Gank to ambush, SS means opponent missing from lane, CD is Cool Down, Baron is the strongest beast. Other terms include Dragon, Blue, Red, Pull and Smurf. See mobafire.com to learn more jargon.



If you want to enjoy the game you must be conversant with all these facts that I have mentioned in this post. They will help you to understand the game easily, choose the best fronts, and deal a lot of damage to the opponent.

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