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It’s a pretty common sentiment that a Support in League of Legends carries the most responsibility out of the five roles in the game. After all, they’re the ones tasked with keeping everyone standing up and grinding away. And Support champions are some of the most fragile, so they also have their backs to look out for. Players assigned to the role of a Support usually have their hands full trying to monitor everyone else’s well-being – not an easy thing to do, especially when opposing champions are looking to take out the Support first.

But while the role of a Support is paramount, it’s not actually the most difficult to play – the distinction arguably belongs to the Jungler.

The role of a Jungler requires a LOT of multitasking, so it’s not exactly a beginner-friendly role to take on. First off, the player taking on the role as Jungler must constantly be aware of everyone else on the map – not just enemies, but allies, too. When an enemy leaves a lane, the Jungler must be always on the lookout for a possible gank on the other two lanes. When an ally leaves a lane, the Jungler must act as a substitute, to make sure that no EXP or gold is wasted from that lane.

Due to their roaming nature, Junglers also act as sort of wards or scouts that help others in surveying the map – in fact, Junglers are usually tasked with setting up actual wards around the map (usually at key positions). Aside from minding their own business repeatedly feasting on neutral monsters, Junglers are also called upon to assist in other lanes whenever necessary, such as when two champions are ganging up on the top or mid lane (the bottom typically carries the ADC and Support). And lastly, a Jungler acts as a bouncer by making sure opponents don’t make a feast out of the Baron and the Dragon, the latter is capable of rewarding game-changing buffs.

Every other role is typically focused on one goal only so, in essence, Junglers are sort of the glue that holds the entire team together, thanks to the Swiss Army Knife-like duties they carry. It takes a lot of skill, not to mention awareness, to play the role of a Jungler, relative to the other roles, making it the most difficult role to play as. Of course, players must complement their innate capabilities with the proper champion, too.

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