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Introducing Rakan and Xayah, League of Legends’ New Lovebirds (Literally)

Earlier this week, Riot Games teased fans with the inclusion of two new Champions in League of Legends. It didn’t take long for them to let the cat out of the bag, introducing the pair after a couple of days. Say hello to Rakan the Charmer and Xayah the Rebel, two love-struck Champions that can make real-life couples envious. This marks the first time since 2010 that Riot Games released two Champions on the same day.

Hailing from the land of Vastaya, Rakan and Xayah are meant to be partnered with each other at the bottom lane as a support and ADC combo. Of course, players won’t be forced to choose the other half of the two when a teammate chooses the other one. Though they work best when paired with each other, there’s no harm in selecting them individually. Before you buy a Smurf League of Legends account and give them a test run, check out these two lovebirds’ kits.


As a support, Rakan can provide aid to all other existing ADC Champions. Though he would very much like it if you simply pair him with his beloved. Aside from being able to heal allies (obviously), Rakan also has the ability to dance out of trouble with style and shield allies from harm.

He has a passive called Fey Feathers that occasionally activates to grant him a protective shield. The cooldown is rather lengthy in the beginning, but you can shorten it by attacking enemy Champions. The best part is that the ability can activate even while Rakan is in the middle of battle. However, it would be best not to rely on this ability to take you out of a sticky situation. No, Rakan has a better ability for that.

Assigned to the Q key is the ability Gleaming Quill, which functions as both offense and defense. When used, Rakan will launch a feather, and upon hitting and damaging an enemy Champion or any of the epic monsters, will turn him into literally a walking healing potion. Rakan’s cloak will be imbued with magic, healing himself and then nearby allies after a few seconds. The good news is you can activate the ally heal effect more quickly by touching an ally. The bad news is the ability won’t work when targeting minions.

If you’re one of those who plays support in a daring way and regularly takes the fight to enemy Champions despite your teammates’ pleas to keep out of trouble, then you’re going to love Rakan’s Grand Entrance ability. This ability, when used, causes our dashing new Champion to launch himself toward enemies, inflicting damage and knocking them into the air. And if you want to quickly get out of the way afterward, you can use his Battle Dance ability to leap toward a nearby ally, shielding them while saving your smug ass at the same time. Also worth noting: The ability’s range is increased if Xayah is the target ally.

Rakan’s last ability is The Quickness, which cloaks him with a magical aura that boosts his movement speed and charms and damages all enemy Champions he touches. However, they can only be damaged once. After touching the first enemy Champion, the ability will further grant Rakan with a movement boost, making it easier to run up to the others and damage them as well.



Boasting a “Feather” mechanic that makes her more dangerous as fights drag on, Xayah is your textbook marksman, capable of quickly dealing huge chunks of damage. All of her abilities leave feathers on the ground, all of which can be summoned at once using her Bladecaller ability. Any enemies conveniently lined up along the feathers’ return path will take damage.

Xayah’s passive is called Clean Cuts, which activates after she casts an ability. This passive gives her next few auto-attacks a piercing attribute, dealing full damage to the main target and reduced damage to everyone else that can be hit. Each auto-attack will also leave a feather on the ground, which you can recall using Bladecaller for more damage.

The Double Daggers ability is Xayah’s primary method of annoying enemy Champions during the early game phase. When used, Xayah launches a pair of dangerous-looking blades in a straight line, damaging unlucky souls who happen to be in the way. A pair of feathers will also be left on the ground. You can abuse this ability to poke at enemy Champions aggressively, most especially if Rakan is around to shield you from retribution with his Battle Dance ability.

Another way to harass enemies is by using Xayah’s Deadly Plumage ability. When cast, a storm of feathers will wrap around Xayah, granting her damage and attack speed boosts for her next few auto-attacks. Additionally, she’ll also get a momentary movement speed boost after striking an enemy Champion with the ability still active. The best thing about the ability is that, when Rakan is nearby, he will also be granted with Deadly Plumage as soon as Xayah activates the ability. Talk about double trouble. If you’re playing League of Legends with a real-life friend using Rakan and Xayah, you can dish out serious damage with this ability.

The Featherstorm ability is Xayah’s only way of escaping from harm. When the ability is used, she will launch into the air, becoming temporarily immune to being targeted while also having the ability to move around while airborne. After her momentary aerial aerobics, Xayah will launch a set of feather blades at her enemies in a cone-like target area. Like her other abilities, Featherstorm also leaves behind feathers for Bladecaller purposes.

Lover’s Leap

Rakan and Xayah have a special recall that makes them the sweetest thing that ever happened to League. If one of them is recalling, the other can sync up and return to base at the same time. That’s not the sweet part. No, the aww-inducing part is that while doing so, they will perform a short dance that’s punctuated with Rakan flying off with Xayah in his arm. Think Superman flying off with Lois Lane cradled in his arm. Now that’s cool and stylish. Don’t believe us? Sign up for an unranked League of Legends account now and see for yourself!

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