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League of Legends Basics

So…you finally decided to buy a League of Legends account and start your path towards greatness (hopefully). But the trouble is that you don’t know where the heck to start. Don’t panic; everyone starts out clueless – don’t believe those that say they never went through a learning curve. Either they’re outright lying to you or they were born with the innate ability to achieve a penta-kill right off the bat.


Like any other game, you need to dive into the basics of League of Legends first. It can take weeks or months before you move on from the beginner phase, depending on how much time you spend in the game and how quickly you can adapt. But to make sure that you progress in an efficient manner, follow these few basics steps on how to start out in League of Legends.

Experiment with different Champions

Don’t be afraid to try out different Champions. Take as much time as you want in this process because there are a lot to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. You can find a guide that easily lays out each Champion’s style and attributes if you’re having trouble understanding a specific one.

Similarly experiment with each Champion’s abilities, too, and see how they can be used in different ways. Narrow down your choices to a select few Champions and focus on them moving forward, but feel free to swap in and out as you see fit. Also: don’t go for a Jungler at the onset. Just don’t. Wait until you’re around Level 20 or something.

Memorize the map, hotkeys, and game language

The first thing you need to do is to memorize each and every location in the Summoner’s Rift. Learn what the areas are called and the ins and outs of each area (i.e. blind spots, paths, neutral monsters, etc.). If you haven’t done your research beforehand, don’t be afraid to ask your teammates for clarification.

The same goes for the game language, which are built on shortcuts, abbreviations and acronyms. There’s quite a lot of them that you need to be familiar with. Some of them may sound just gibberish, but they’re indispensable in the thick of things – like the simple “b”, which means “retreat” or “fall back”.

As much as possible, keep your mouse pointer in the field and away from icons and menus. Hotkeys are infinitely the more efficient way, so make sure to memorize those, too. You need to be able to move your character at any moment’s notice, either to counter-attack or to escape. Which you will have trouble with if you keep using your mouse to activate abilities and other things.

Learn the ins and outs of each position


Like with Champions, understand the pros and cons of the five positions or roles: Top, Mid, Jungle, ADC and Support. The Top lane is for melee heavyweight characters who can either take a pounding like a boss or can dish out damage without mercy – tanks and bruisers, respectively. The Mid lane characters typically rely on their abilities more than regular attacks, but they function the same way as Top lane characters.

The Jungle or Jungler is like the freelancer of the team – they’re free to roam anywhere on the map and jump into any of the three lanes to help out. Jungle characters primarily feast on neutral monsters for experience and gold. They’re the most difficult to master, so stay clear of them until you’ve become fairly comfortable with the entire game.

ADC (Attack Damage Carry) and Support characters share the bottom lane. The former’s mission is to farm and level and farm even more until they’re fully geared up. ADC characters are the powerhouses of the team and are tasked with quickly ending opponents. The Support character’s task is to make sure the ADC get things done by helping them with kills and survival. Once you’ve settled into one position, focus on mastering it first.

Get to know the items before the game

Like with the Champions, look for a guide that details all the items in the game. League of Legends has been around for several years now, so there are already lists of recommended items, which saves you the trouble of trying out all of them. Once you’re more familiar with the items, always try to plan out which ones you’re going to buy prior to the match. Don’t go window shopping in the middle of a match.

Always strive to survive

Don’t be cocky or arrogant and hunt for kills. There’s more to the game than boasting the most kills. Always put your Champion’s life first and foremost. If you die, you lose both gold and experience, not to mention you’ll be forced to stare into a cooldown period that gets longer and longer as the match progresses.

If you see a badly wounded opponent running for dear life in their territory, hold back the temptation – it’s most likely a bait. This is especially important if you’re the ADC. You don’t want the sacrifices of your humble Support to go to waste, do you? Unlike in Pokemon Go, dying in League of Legends has a harsh penalty.

Keeping your survivability front and center before anything else will prevent you from becoming your opponent’s food. Also: use your minions as your shield. You’re the more powerful entity, so stay behind your lowly minions and allow them to absorb damages, either from turrets or enemy Champions. And stay clear of turrets, too. As glorious it is to see your Champion hacking a turret with a big-ass weapon, it will leave you completely vulnerable, too. Again, allow your minions to go first.

Learn how to efficiently farm

The most basic thing is to master the art of last-hitting minions. Landing the killing blow nets you more gold, which speeds up your grinding. It takes a lot of time to regularly and consistently land the last hit, which also depends on your Champion. And the easiest way to do this is…practice. Practice, practice, and practice. There’s no shortcut to this. Don’t leave your Champion to auto-attack either. And always continue to farm throughout the game, even if you’re already decked out in your preferred items. At the very least, it will help you grow your last-hitting and farming skills even more.

League of Legends isn’t a game that you simply dive into and hope for the best. You need to take the game seriously if you want to make a mark. If you don’t want to start out from the bottom of the barrel, you can buy a high level League of Legends account instead.

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