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Most League of Legends players have one consistent and ultimate goal which is getting their account into a Diamond division. It’s estimated that only 1.9 – 2.5% of players are within a diamond division at any one time so it’s clear that you’ll need to have a high skill to reach Diamond.

If you’re wondering how to get Diamond then we’ve written this guide to help.

How To Get to Diamond Division In League of Legends


1. Maintain your Ranked Mindset

Trying to improve your ranking within League of Legends is no different to the mindset you need to be a professional athlete at the highest level. Your mindset is critically important for you to be able to focus, remain relaxed and play at your optimum ability.

If you’re tired, frustrated, angry or tilted then all of these factors can cause your game to be impacted. Make sure that when this happens you take a break from the game and come back to it when you’re fresh and can maintain your ranked mindset and give the game your complete focus.


2. Avoid Communication Flame Wars

A general rule is to avoid communication unless it’s absolutely necessary to discuss the game strategy or fix serious problems  so that your team can win the match.

If you are going to communicate then make sure you use voice, such as Skype or Ventrillo, if you want to make it to a Diamond division. Not only is in game chat time consuming it will be a sure way to distract you from the game and reduce your reaction time.

These are some other steps you should also consider:

  1. Ignore randoms
  2. Agree with players that threaten to AFK to keep them in the game.
  3. Don’t get involved within flame wars
  4. Ignore whiners

Remember that every game counts and if you lose a match because your tilted due to in game communication flame wars then you’ll lose your ranked focus. If any of the above points mean you’ve lost your focus then stop playing until your focus returns.


3. Play A Single Champion

One of the most important things you can do is play a champion that you are incredibly comfortable and confident playing with if you’re going to excel in League of Legends. When you learn how to master the mechanics of a champion it will undoubtedly allow you to play more confidently and adapt to different strategies.

Knowing the damages, match ups and timing for your champion will allow you to outplay your opposition more consistently. Again, this is no different to any other professional athlete or team in that their skills and ability are consistent but the strategies they apply for different opponents is always changing.

You can also try to pick an Op champion but remembering that you should always master it before playing in ranked queues.  Look at solo queue win rates and see what’s dominating and master that champion.


4. Look at the Map & Help Your Team mates

Regardless of whether you’re playing solo queue or not if you want to win games in League of Legends you’ll need to help your team mates.

You want to be constantly reviewing the map for opportunities that present themselves where you can go and help a team mate, pick up some kills or complete an objective.

Roaming, consistent ganking and active map pressure will inevitably put significant in game pressure on the opposition. Pressure for your opposition means that they will lose focus while you maintain yours.

6. Watch the pros

If you want to be good at something then it helps to learn from the best. For struggling players it’s now easier than ever to watch and learn from professional players with sites such as YouTube, Twitch,tv and Azubu.tv.

Watching players in game and listening to professional team chat will allow you to understand the game and your primary champion so that you can improve your own gameplay. It’s surprising how much you can learn just by watching.

Secondly find friends or mentors that have reached Masters league and have them help you with your own game plan. Having a mentor that can provide direct feedback on your games is very important for you to learn more quickly from the errors you make.


7. Fix Your Mistakes

Blaming your team or simply not fixing your mistakes will be a big factor in whether you reach the Diamond league. Consider downloading a game recorder and watching your games so that you can analyse the situations where you made mistakes and identify strategies you can use in the future.

Using a mentor will also help this process occur more rapidly.

Nobody likes to lose but remember that losing games is one of the best tools you can use to learn and improve your skill level. The faster you spot the patterns of your mistakes the sooner you’ll have the skills to reach Diamond.


7.  Practice on A Smurf Account

If you want to get to Diamond in League of Legends than buying a Smurf account can be very beneficial to your game. By having a smurf account you can begin to practice with new champions and strategies while preserving the rank on your primary account.

Leveling a new account can be incredibly time consuming and if your focus is on achieving Diamond Tier ranking then you’ll want to make sure you’re spending more time playing and mastering your champion rather than leveling.

Some players also experience MMR or ELO hell which is a term used to describe leagues when they are full of trolls, AFKers, leavers, flamers and unskilled players preventing skilled players from winning matches and improve their rating. In this case a Smurf account may also be beneficial reset your MMR rating and start fresh.

If you want to buy a Smurf Account you’re in the right place.

What tips do you have for reaching Diamond Tier?

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