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Championship Riven is one of the most sort after LoL Skin in the history of League of Legends. This skin was only released at the end of Season 2 to people who attended the World Championship finals as well as a few skin codes being released to the general public.

The rarity and overall design of this skin make it one of the most rare and sought after skins in League of Legends. Riot games also deactived skin codes within the game to fight against scammers. Previously players were able to buy the ingame codes from sellers to unlock the skin however this is no longer possible.

The only remaining method to gaining this skin is to buy a league of legends account which has the Champsionship Riven skin already on it. These accounts can expect to fetch as high as 300 – 400 euros at a minimum. The longer the skin stays out of the game the higher these accounts will fetch.

Now Championship Riven is only available IF Riot Games decides to put it back into the store in the future,

Why Is Championship Riven So Popular?

As this skin has quickly become one of the rarest skins in League of Legends then this has certainly attracted player appeal to attaining it for their account. The skin was released for people who attented the season 2 finale which was estimated around 8,000 people would have received.

There is currently a petition in place on change.org for the re-release of Champsion Riven which has over 14,000 signatures on it.

Not only is it popular because of its rarity but Championship Riven is visually appealing and the in game effects stand out.

The skin features a large sword with blue spell effects and features.


Will Riot ever bring back Championship Riven?

So will Riot ever bring this skin back?

Riot recently went on to highlight that may in the not to distant future we will once again have the opportunity to get our hands on the Champsion Riven skin.

Yes, we are working on a plan to bring Championship Riven back for Worlds this year.

Specifically, we are looking for a solution that satisfies both existing owners and players who love the skin but were unable to get it the first time around. This is tricky because while players love the skin for the content, while others value it more because she’s rare.

We’ve discussed a handful of options but haven’t settled on one. Would love to hear your ideas and feedback on what solutions could work for both groups.

– Riot BuboBubo

This is amazing news for everyone that wants this skin. Although we don’t have a time frame as yet there is definite talk of bring this skin back.

Riot explained that they are still figuring out the best way to do this because they want to find a way to distinguish those players who already have the skin. This is only fair to ensure it remains an accomplishment for players who already have it.

It sounds like Riot is still brainstorming what they can do, but the most likely scenario will probably be some type of border/banner around the skin’s splash art to signify that they’ve had it for a long time.

Stay Tuned…..

While we might know have a way you can get this skin yet chances are high that Riot will be bringing this skin back into the game sometime in the future. Whether it’s soon or over the 4 year average before skins are re-released it’s hard to say.

Do you have championship riven on your account?

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