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How to Handle Defeat in League of Legends – The Do’s and Don’ts

In League of Legends, victory isn’t a sure thing whenever players enter a match. All players are bound to experience defeat at some point. Some players take a defeat with grace, while others don’t take it too well and turn into toxic players that nobody wants to deal with. Here are the do’s and don’ts following a loss in League.


Congratulate the enemy team

Be a good sport and drop a short congratulatory remark to the opposing team. It only takes a few seconds to say “great play guys” or something similar. It shows that you have class and can take a loss with grace. You don’t need to go overboard with a lengthy speech or monologue and shower them with praises. Just a few words will do. But make sure the words don’t come out in a mocking or bitter tone, which could paint you as a sore loser instead.

League is already toxic enough as it is. The community is full of rude players who don’t know a single thing about gaming etiquette. You can help it become a better place by taking the time to show respect to other players, which includes congratulating the enemy team after every defeat. If the enemy team answers back with some trash talk or insults you for being on the losing side, then so be it. Leave them be. At least you reached out to them with a good intention. Just move on to the next match.

Thank teammates for fighting until the end

Lots of players give up halfway through the match when things are starting to go downhill. There are also those who resort to fooling around or throwing the match when things are looking grim. Players that valiantly fight until the end despite the odds are sometimes hard to come by in League.

If teammates fought until the very end and gave everything in order to pull off a victory, let them know that you appreciate the effort. Thank them for not giving up even when defeat was already inevitable. Again, no need for a lengthy message. No need to weep and be overly sentimental about how it was an honor fighting alongside them. Just keep it short and concise and on point. You will be a picture of class if you act this way instead of reacting negatively.

Learn from the match

Every match is an opportunity for improvement. Instead of finding faults in teammates, focus on the things you can improve on in order to become a better player in League. Analyze the things you did wrong during the match and think about ways to make improvements. Minion kills too low? Maybe you need to practice more on last-hitting. A non-existent kill-death ratio? Maybe you need to be more aggressive.

Once you have determined the areas that need improvement, work on them until you get it right. Don’t waste time engaging in post-match toxic activity such as blaming teammates for the loss and taking swipes at opposing players in a sore loser kind of way. Just focus on the things that can help you become a better player in League. Take what you can learn from the match, no matter how trivial it is, and then move on to the next match.


Don’t blame teammates for the loss

Teammates on the losing side are prone to pointing fingers and bickering with each other immediately after a loss. Because let’s face it, a lot of players simply can’t handle being on the losing side. Everyone wants to win in League. It’s an ultra-competitive game where players do whatever it takes to win matches, which sometimes includes resorting to cheap tactics such as using Teemo, one of the most hated Champions ever.

It is okay to talk about what the team could have done that might have resulted in a victory instead of a loss. But it should be done in a healthy and respectful discussion where teammates look at things in an objective manner. Blaming teammates won’t change a thing. A loss is a loss. You can trade barbs with teammates for hours and the result will still be the same.

Don’t throw a tantrum and lash out at everyone

This is the absolute worst thing to do following a loss. Lashing out at everyone including opposing players is an immature move. It will only make you look like a spoiled kid who can’t handle things not going his way. Other players will no doubt report you to Riot Games if you behave in such a manner, which could earn you a penalty.

Even if you got partnered with total noob teammates, which played a large part in the loss, throwing a fit is an unacceptable behavior in League. Instead of acting like a whiny brat, simply move on to the next match and forget about the loss. You can’t change the result anyway. League is a mixed bag. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Sometimes you get matched with excellent teammates, sometimes you get partnered with trolls and newbies. So don’t expect smooth sailing every time you enter a match.

Don’t complain to the enemy team about teammates

After a bad loss, many players look for an outlet to vent out frustration. Unfortunately, some players think of the opposing team as an outlet to talk about how they got paired with terrible teammates. This makes them seem like a whiner ratting out teammates, which some see as a form of betrayal. Don’t be like this. You will only look like you’re making up excuses for losing by behaving in this way.

Besides, the opposing team probably isn’t interested in listening how the match went for you. They just got the grand prize. The last thing they need is for someone to dampen the mood by ranting about how his teammates were total letdowns.

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