I have been banned, what now?

It's very sad for us to see you have been banned. If you do get banned please contact us ASAP (Due to our 7 day refund/replacement policies) with the following information:

    1. Current and working username and password.(This speeds up your replacement/refund A LOT)
    2. PayPal / G2A Email address you used to make the purchase
    3. The date you bought the account
    4. Screenshot of the entire banned email they sent you

We do not replace/refund for bans of your own fault. We will check thoroughly for the reason banned. If you can't supply the above information your refund will be denied or take a long time.

How much IP will I need for basic 16 champions for ranked?

To see how much IP you'll need to finish one rune page and buy 16 champions check on our product pages under heading "How much IP will I need?"

Can I choose the name for the account?

For Quality control and Assurance, we do not allow you to choose a name.

How much IP and RP will my brand new account have?

IP and RP will vary depending on the account you have chosen to buy. Make sure you check the descriptions closely so you know exactly what you are buying.

How safe are the accounts?

None of the accounts have been registered to any email address. When you receive your account you'll be able to register your own email address, change password. The account will be completely yours, it'll be like you made the account yourself!

I haven’t received an email with the account information, how come?

Please check your junk mail folder if it has been longer than 10 minutes since you purchased! Alternately you can contact us on skype (Our skype is Aussynr1) and we'll sort it out!

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