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How to Deal with Trolls in League of Legends

League of Legends is a really fun game. Unfortunately, the community is full of party-poopers commonly known as trolls. This one of the reasons why League is notorious for being toxic. Though Riot Games already have countermeasures in place to deal with trolls, they can’t truly erase them from existence.

You can’t really avoid trolls in League. Same way you can’t sidestep 13-year-olds in Minecraft and South Korean players in Overwatch. In every match, there is always a good chance that at least one player is a troll. It can be on either team. Trolls usually don’t unmask their presence until after the match has started, preventing other players from leaving.

The good news is that there are ways to deal with trolls in League. After all, trolls are just humans who happen to take pleasure in making other players’ lives miserable throughout the match. You can think of them as school bullies. Here are four ways to deal with trolls in League.


To empower players in fighting against trolls, League has installed a reporting system that allows players to, well, report trolls. It’s like going to a digital police to report a crime. The cool part is that it actually works. The reporting system isn’t simply like dropping a comment in a feedback box where the contents go straight into the trash bin. Riot Games actually looks into and reviews each report sent their way.

Reporting a player is extremely easy. All you need to do is click on an icon, write a comment explaining why you reported the player, and leave it to Riot Games to hand down the justice hammer. Trolls who get reported actually get punished.

Of course, the report system won’t prevent trolls from trolling again the future. Most trolls don’t even care about being reported, which is really alarming. But until Riot Games successfully develops a way to completely erase trolls from League, the report system is our only safeguard against trolls.

One last thing to remember when it comes to reporting trolls: Don’t tell them that you’re going to report them. Some players do that to threaten trolls in hopes of forcing them to play nice. Telling them beforehand that a report is imminent will only rile them up and cause them to troll even more. Just report them without saying a word and leave it to Riot Games to do their thing.


The worst way to deal with trolls is to play in their own game. Don’t fall into their trap. Arguing with someone who makes a living out of riling up and arguing with other players won’t produce positive results. In fact, trolls love it when they get under the skin of other players. It makes them feel triumphant that they were able to successfully bait others into emotionally-charged reactions. Trolls are instigators. Keep this in mind.

Another no-no approach is to retaliate by deliberately trying to make things life horrible for a troll teammate. In other words, trolling a troll. Don’t ever succumb into going down that path. Not only will it mess up the entire team, it will actually make the troll happy. You will only add to the toxicity by responding in a negative way. League is already toxic enough as it is, with the toxicity seeping in as early as Champion Selection. It doesn’t need another player to make the community even worse.


There are different types of trolls in League. There are trolls who deliberately do stupid and irrational actions in-game such as going into other lanes and stealing minion kills or deliberately feeding an opponent. And then there are trolls who just won’t stop talking and throwing insults in every direction. These are the trolls who love baiting other people into useless arguments.

The best way to deal with motor-mouth trolls is to simply mute them. That’s it. No need to give them a warning that you’re going to mute them if they don’t shut up. It won’t have any effect. Just mute them and continue playing the game. Playing the entire match with a troll talking non-stop will only make the experience more stressful. So cut the source of the ruckus and just do your thing.


Unlike in Dota 2, winning in League with at least one team member missing or handicapped is really difficult. Each and every member of the five-man crew is necessary for better chances of coming out victorious. Sadly, having one troll teammate greatly complicates matters.

Now, you can ignore trolls throughout the match or you can continue to treat them as real, non-troll teammates. The former is the easier path, which is what most players do when dealing with trolls. The latter, however, has the potential to actually produce good results in the end.

By continuing to work with and treat trolls like real teammates, it could result in them turning a corner and actually stop being a troll out of remorse. You can help them out when they’re in trouble, ask them for support, set them up for kills, and generally make them feel like they’re still part of the game.

It will show that their trolling antics never affected you the slightest bit. It will show them that the team is still trying to win with them, instead of completely alienating them. There’s no real guarantee that they will actually turn the corner by playing nice with them. It’s up to them to ultimately decide whether to finish the match as a troll or turn the corner and help the team because teammates continued to treat them well despite their misbehaviors.


There will always be trolls in League. You could even say that League won’t be the same experience without all the trolls prowling around, waiting for the next weak-hearted player to feast on. So it’s very important that you know how to deal with them.

What about troll opponents, though? Well, there’s a much simpler solution for that. Just beat the crap out of them and dominate the match. But to do that, you will need lots of practice. For safer practice sessions, we suggest picking up a League of Legends Smurf account.

August 4, 2017 admin