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More Champion Skins based on other video games? Check these out!

Video games sometimes contain references or hat-tips to other video games. In some cases, developers sneakily include them in games. Like the famous “Here lies Link” gravestone in Final Fantasy, which was obviously a nod to Link from The Legend of Zelda series.

And in other cases, developers actually include these references in an official capacity. For example, there’s the Lightning alternate costume in The 3rd Birthday, the third game in the Parasite Eve series. Lightning is from Final Fantasy XIII, in case you’re unfamiliar with the name.

Riot Games belongs to the latter group of developers. League of Legends actually has a number of references to other video games, and they come in the form of Champion Skins. Previously, we listed eight of them. Obviously, we couldn’t fit everything in one article; otherwise, it would be too long. So here’s the unofficial Part 2 of Champion Skins based on characters in other video games.


Let’s start off with a Champion Skin that has debatable roots. Some players say Muay Thai Lee Sin is based on Sagat, a character from the Street Fighter series. Others say he is based on Adon, another character from Street Fighter. Both Street Fighter characters actually have similar looks. They both wear boxing shorts, and their hands and feet are both wrapped in white cloth. The only difference is in their head gear: Sagat has an eye patch, while Adon has a weird-looking headband. Oh yeah, Sagat has a large scar across his torso. Muay Thai Lee Sin doesn’t have a scar. He also wears a headband, albeit in a different way than Adon. Take your pick. Both are from the same game anyway.


Crimson Akali is another Champion Skin with two possible roots – either Taki from Soulcalibur or Skarlet from Mortal Kombat. Both characters wear red apparel and carry a pair of blades. At first glance, Skarlet would seem to be the character whom Crimson Akali is based on, courtesy of the face mask. However, Crimson Akali is noticeably more clothed than Skarlet. She’s more similar to Taki that way, although Taki’s legs are fully covered, unlike Crimson Akali. If we’re going to take our pick, we’d go with Taki as the character Crimson Akali is based on.


This Champion Skin is more like referencing a video game as a whole, instead of just a single character. Well, sort of. Beast Hunter Draven is based on the Monster Hunter series. If you had experience with an installment in the past or currently play one now, you would know that there’s actually no unique playable main character in Monster Hunter. Players create their own characters to play as. Perhaps the only thing Beast Hunter Draven has similar to a typical Monster Hunter character is his huge weapon. Monster Hunters usually roll with big-ass weapons.


Classic Syndra is based on the Mortal Kombat character Sindel. The most noticeable similarity between the two is the white hair, although the latter also has a streak of black hair in the middle. On the other hand, the most noticeable difference between the two ladies is that Classic Syndra wears an elaborate head gear, while Sindel has none. Actually, Classic Syndra has more armor than Sindel. The Sindel reference would have been a lot better if Classic Syndra dropped the head gear.


Victorious Janna is based on Rosa from Final Fantasy IV. Rosa is the designated White Mage class in Final Fantasy IV. And as such, Rosa wears an outfit that is predominantly white-colored. Victorious Janna, on the other hand, wears a visibly more green-colored outfit. It’s like she’s a cross between Rosa and Rydia, another Final Fantasy IV character, who wears green clothing. The only thing keeping Victorious Janna from being a Rydia lookalike is her hair, which resembles Rosa’s. Rolling with this Champion Skin, however, doesn’t guarantee a victory, despite what its name suggests. You still need a lot of practice for that, which you can easily do using an unranked League of Legends account.


Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere is based on Guan Yu from the Dynasty Warriors series. Like Guan Yu, Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere wears a green-and-gold garb. Of the Champion Skins listed here, this one is perhaps the most faithful to the source material. Except maybe the beard. Guan Yu’s glorious beard is dubbed as the “Beautiful Beard,” a description which doesn’t exactly fit the beard sported by Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere. Aside from that, this Champion Skin is an on-point reference to Guan Yu.


Ever heard of the online game Robot Unicorn Attack? It’s an endless platformer where you control a robotic unicorn, as the game’s title explicitly says. Obviously, Hecarim is not a unicorn. He’s not even a horse. Hecarim is a centaur. A halberd-wielding centaur. However, that didn’t stop Riot Games from rolling out the Champion Skin Arcade Hecarim. Arcade Hecarim, like the titular character in Robot Unicorn Attack, has a rainbow-colored tail and a robotic body. However, unlike the robot unicorn, Arcade Hecarim has a bright pink mane, and his horn is rainbow-colored, too.


Dreadknight Garen is based on the Death Knight hero class in World of Warcraft. And as their name suggests, these Death Knights are half-sinister and half-menacing. Simply put, if you run into a Death Knight in real life, you would be scared shitless to even move an inch. Thankfully, Dreadknight Garen is none of that. Yes, he’s based on a Death Knight. But compared to the source, he looks a lot friendlier and less likely to slice you in half. Dreadknight Garen, however, stays faithful in two areas: his heavy armor and his huge sword. Both staples of the Death Knight look.

And there you have it. Eight more Champion Skins based on characters in other video games. You can also check out the unofficial Part 1 of this article, which we posted a few weeks ago if you still haven’t done so. Remember, these Champion Skins are simply cosmetic changes and don’t really provide in-game bonuses. If you really want to look cool while using these Champion Skins, complement them with equally cool gameplay skills. Start practicing now using a high-level League of Legends account!

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