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Champion Skins Based on Pop Culture Characters – Part 2


“Champion Skins” in League of Legends are very similar to alternate costumes in other video games in that they don’t provide anything other than aesthetic changes. (Although there are some alternate costumes that actually affect a character’s attributes, like the numerous armors used by Mega Man.) Champion Skins either completely changes a character’s appearance or simply switches the original one to a different color scheme.

There are many Champion Skins that are based on pop culture characters. Some of them are easily recognizable, while some need intensive scrutinizing. Last week, we wrote about a few of these pop culture-based Champion Skins, which include Super Teemo (based on Superman), Debonair Jayce (based on James Bond) and Deadly Kennen (based on Ryan Reyno…err, Deadpool). If last week’s batch was not enough to entice you to buy a League of Legends account and dive into the game, then perhaps this second part will.



Like Annie in Wonderland, Mad Hatter Shaco is based on a character created by Lewis Carroll in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” originally released back in 1865. Mad Hatter Shaco is definitely not based on the family-friendly Disney animated movie version of the character. Actually, he doesn’t even look like the Johnny Depp version, seen in Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland.” Mad Hatter Shaco looks more like the popular DC comics supervillain The Joker, and you can be forgiven if you really thought that after one glance at Mad Hatter Shaco.


If you played at least one game from the popular Assassin’s Creed series, then you most likely made the connection as soon as you laid eyes on Classic Talon. This Champion Skin comes with the famous hood associated with the main character in almost all Assassin’s Creed games. And he also has a huge blade equipped, mimicking the infamous concealed weapons of the Assassins. Classic Talon can be easily mistaken as an Assassin, especially for people not really familiar with League of Legends. If you’re part of that group, you can dive into the game easily when you buy a high-level League of Legends account.


Although she looks like the big-screen adaptation of Diana Prince a.k.a. Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot), Warrior Princess Sivir is actually based on the character Xena, a popular TV character from the ‘90s. If you’re old enough, you might remember her as the character who joined Hercules in the TV show “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.” The design of Warrior Princess Sivir is very faithful to the source material, which is readily apparent in her skimpy armor. She also has a chakram-like weapon (a circular throwing weapon) which is way larger than the chakram carried by Xena.


No, Shadow Prince Malzahar isn’t a recolored version of Classic Talon. They’re not even based on the same pop culture character. Classic Talon, as mentioned above, is based on the main character from the Assassin’s Creed series. Shadow Prince Malzahar, on the other hand, is based on the main character from the similarly popular Prince of Persia series. The notable difference is that Shadow Prince Malzahar is wearing a hood, hence the similarity with Classic Talon. The Prince of Persia character looks more like, uh, the Winder Soldier without the metal arm. Go ahead; look it up.


If you’re a fan of the Digimon franchise, then you probably noticed immediately that Battlecast Prime Cho’Gath looks very similar to Machinedramon, one of the Dark Masters in the original Digimon TV show. Well, that’s because Battlecast Prime Cho’Gath is really based on the machine Digimon. Although this Champion Skin doesn’t have the metal claws of Machinedramon, it remains faithful to the source thanks to the twin cannons mounted at the back. However, Battlecast Prime Cho’Gath has a lot more red coloring, which actually makes it more evil-looking.


Although Classic Twisted Fate looks more like a character plucked straight from Western movies, he’s actually based on the popular X-Men character Remy LeBeau. You might know him as Gambit. Classic Twisted Fate also comes with a long coat and is equipped with glowing cards. The most notable difference is that, unlike Gambit, Classic Twisted Fate is donning a cowboy hat. However, it’s worth noting that the big-screen adaptation of Gambit played by Taylor Kitsch also had a hat in the much-criticized movie “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” But with or without the cowboy hat, Classic Twisted Fate still looks awesome.


Frozen Shen and Yellow Jacket Shen are based on the poster boys of the Mortal Kombat franchise: Sub-Zero and Scorpion, respectively. Their designs are actually very faithful to the two famous characters, especially Yellow Jacket Shen. Both Champion Skins could even pass as alternate costumes of the characters in a game like, let’s say, Mortal Kombat X, the latest installment in the long-running series. The most notable difference between these two Champion Skins and the characters they’re based on is that they’re equipped with swords. Sub-Zero relies on martial arts and his ice powers, while Scorpio has his trusty spear that comes out of his hand.


“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” will arrive in theaters next week. It will feature an all-new cast of characters, along with the return of Darth Vader. However, put all of them together and none of them will likely be as badass as Darth Maul, the Sith Lord in “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace,” whom the Champion Skin Forsaken Jayce is based on. Unless you watch the animated TV series “Star Wars Rebels,” your last memory of Darth Maul would be his death at the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Unfortunately, Forsaken Jayce doesn’t have Darth Maul’s signature double-bladed lightsaber. However, his hammer lights up in sinister red flames, which is just as awesome.


And that’s it for the second part of League of Legends Champion Skins based on pop culture characters. Check out the third part of the article next week, which will include another well-known character from the Star Wars franchise. If you want to get your hands on these Champion Skins, simply buy an unranked League of Legends account, start practicing, and then rake in those Riot Points.

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