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How to Carry the Right Way as an Attack Damage Carry (ADC)

If the Jungler is the most difficult role to play as and the Support is the most important, then the Attack Damage Carry (ADC), is regarded as the second-placer of each category. The ADC is typically a ranged Champion who relies on dealing heavy basic attack damage as much as possible. Meaning, whoever is playing as the ADC must focus solely on boosting Attack Damage and Attack Speed.

It should be a balance of both. A monstrous Attack Damage won’t be efficiently put to good use if you can’t attack your enemies in quick successions. Similarly, you can’t deal enough damage if your blinding Attack Speed only chips away a tiny portion of your enemy’s Health. An ADC is usually weak early-game and won’t be called upon to lay waste on enemies until late-game (or mid-game, in some cases). This is why a Support is traditionally assigned to watch over the ADC as the latter farms gold to produce powerful items. Both the ADC and the Support occupies the bottom lane in today’s meta game.

At first glance, an ADC’s role may seem straightforward. After all, you only need to farm to your heart’s content, with no regard for anything else. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, like all the other roles, there’s more to the ADC than simply farming. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind if you’re planning a career as an ADC.

  1. The most important skill that you need to learn first is last-hitting creeps. This is literally where your gold will come from. Last-hitting a creep (or minion) nets you more gold. Don’t practice your Champion’s skills yet. Those are relatively easier to master than scoring last-hits. You must learn the exact attack animation of your chosen Champion. This is critical; you can’t just blindly rush over to a dying creep and hope for the best.

  1. Yes, your support is watching over you like a hawk, but don’t rely on your Support for complete map awareness. The support has other duties, too, like making sure wards are in place so the two of you aren’t susceptible to ganking. Be sure that you’re also aware of the things happening in the map, which include glancing at the mini-map from time to time.

  1. Although it may seem harsh, keep in mind that your trusty Support will always prioritize keeping you alive, even at the cost of his life. Well, assuming your Support is a good one who knows what he’s doing. So if you find yourself running for dear life with your support beside you, don’t think about anything else other than heading for safety. If your Support gets caught by the enemy, don’t come back for him and be the hero. If you do that, your Support will most likely scold you.

  1. You will be relied upon to deal heavy damage during a team fight. But that doesn’t mean that you simply have to go commando and attack anyone within range. Pick your targets carefully. Attack the most important member of the opposing team that’s within your immediate range and can attack from a safe distance. An ADC should be the last man (or woman) standing after a team fight. After the fight, you will be expected to push objectives.

  1. If you want to play aggressive and harass the opposing ADC, wait for him to get in position to last-hit one of your creeps. As soon as he’s about to strike, attack him. More often than not, he’ll be occupied with the last-hit and won’t be able to retaliate in time. You can also do this the other way around. Make it seem like you’re about to last-hit a creep, but quickly change targets and shoot for the enemy ADC or Support instead.

Of course, this means the enemy ADC can similarly pull off these two tactics, so be on your guard, too. But don’t forget about the gold if you’re trying to be aggressive. If you’re given the choice between firing a clean shot at your enemy or last-hitting a creep, go for the latter. If you want a fight that features trading blows back and forth, you can buy a Pokemon Go account instead. Maybe the game’s battle system will suit you more.

  1. Your poor little support is mostly broke the entire game. So if you’re going to return to base, let them know so they can farm for a few minutes in your place. This ensures that no gold is wasted in your lane. But do return as soon as possible, especially if the enemy ADC is still in your lane. The last thing you would want is for your Support to be ganked in your absence. At least if you’re there, the two of you can put up a fight.

  1. During mid-game or after the “laning” phase is over, you don’t necessarily have to stick to your lane. You can wander around the map similar to the Jungler. While you’re at it, kill neutral creeps along the way if you run into a camp. But don’t steal from your Jungler. After all, that’s their primary source of gold, too. If everything looks in order and a huge wave has piled up in your lane, you can return and feast on it; otherwise, just try to help out your teammates in different lanes.

  1. Finally, make it a habit to own up to your mistakes. Don’t blame your Support or anyone else if you screw up. Yes, you’re being groomed to carry the entire team late-game. But don’t feel entitled and think that your teammates are meant to move heaven and earth for you. Remember, you’re still part of the team. So act like it.

Your goal as an ADC is to prepare for the end-game, which is why gold is the most important thing to you. If you want more practice as an ADC, buy an unranked League of Legends account and hone your last-hitting skills. Also: Don’t forget to appreciate the efforts of your Support, too. A simple “thank you” or other forms of courtesy will be a morale boost to your Support.

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