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PBE (Public Beta Environment server) account! 

This account comes with:

– Every Champion and Skin in the Game

– Unlimited Hextech chests



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LoL PBE (Public Beta Environment) allows players to play on a server, which allows you to buy any champion / skin to test out and new champion / skin releases hit the PBE server first.


  • IP (Influence Points)900,000+
  • RP (Riot Points)900,000+

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PBE Account

The unwavering popularity of League of Legends is short of amazing. The community is still growing at a rapid rate and has pushed Riot Games to provide a better overall gaming experience to millions of gamers worldwide.

LoL is constantly changing for the better. Riot Games deliver new changes in features, skins, characters, minions, and abilities just to name a few. Before new and improved features are rolled out for general public use, Riot Games test them to perfection with the help of testers on the Public Beta Environment or PBE.

As the name implies, Public Beta Environment simply refers to a platform where elements of the game are applied and then used to observe the new features or modifications before they are released to actual users. In addition, it is on the PBE that bugs are detected by testers and are then fixed by developers. Identifying all issues before releasing it to the masses guarantees a smooth flow of gaming experience.

Instead of limiting testing within the hired employees of Riot Games, the company has decided that it would be beneficial for actual players to get involved with checking out new game features. A select pool of gamers is selected to be included as testers on PBE. The gamers are given access into the beta environment and are given the ability to play as well as provide input for LoL.

The inclusive nature of this setup is that of enhanced gaming experience for all. As developers are provided with unbiased, objective, and honest feedback from actual players, they are given a clear picture on how to modify new features before release.

Players who are given the opportunity to play on PBE get first look on the cool and testing new features before everybody else.

Gaining access to PBE is no golden ticket given out to random LoL players. Here’s how PBE accounts can become available to you!

Tester Requirements and Qualifications

There are two ways on how you can experience playing on PBE. In this section, we will discuss the conventional way of getting a PBE account.

You can go ahead and apply in order to be considered as tester for PBE. You can go directly to the Riot webpage for more information about the set of criteria they established for interested gamers.

For individuals who recently started playing League of Legends, there is only a small chance for you to receive an invitation if they are looking to test more sophisticated features. There are instances when they will invite newbie’s or beginners for minor modifications for the earlier stages of the game. Players with extensive experience and excellent navigation of the game are preferred by Riot for their PBE.

PBE plays a crucial function in the development of the entire game. In order to enhance the gaming experience for all members, Riot Games invite active players; those who play LoL for a considerable amount of time on a regular basis. However, time is not the factor that Riot considers when choosing who to roll out their PBE invites to. In some instances, the features that are to be changed dictate the specific type of players that are to be invited to play with PBE accounts. The type of players that are given access to PBE accounts will essentially depend on many elements within the game.

There are other criteria that Riot takes into consideration when choosing PBE account holders. It’s not just how much or what type of game you play, it also depends on the quality of gameplay or feedback a player can deliver to Riot. Inputs from players are given high value by Riot in the continuous development and evolution of League of Legends.

The Importance of PBE Testers

If you are hooked to League of Legends, the last thing that you want is for the quality of the gaming experience to deteriorate or remain stagnant. In order to avoid this problem, you will at least look for ways on how you can contribute to its development. Riot Games believe that your opinions matter. Your involvement in the constant evolution of League of Legends are analyzed and utilized by Riot when making improvements on the various elements of LoL.

Having a LoL account is also an advantage especially if you want your team to excel and earn more rewards in the future. If you gain access to a PBE account, you can learn about the new changes and share the news to your teammates. Knowledge of new features will allow you and your friends to create strategies once you use your actual account. Although this advantage is only temporary in nature, you can instantly increase your rankings faster than your opponents.

Buying LoL PBE Accounts

If you are interested in testing out the new features, characters, skins, and other important updates of the game, you can also buy a LoL PBE account. When compared alongside the conventional approach of obtaining a PBE account, buying a LoL PBE account is simpler and more straightforward.

If you are a level 30 player but has not been receiving direct invitations from Riot Games for PBE, then buying is the next best thing for you!

In essence, that LoL PBE accounts that we sell to players provide direct access to the Public Beta Environment even without Riot’s invitation. Before Riot launches features and updates on future patches, they go through PBE first. They get tested by a combination of in-house testers and experience LoL players by invite.

What makes a PBE account so special? Well, you obviously get to try out a host of features that are out of limits for those with regular accounts only. Updates skins, characters, balancing changes and other important updates are test driven by those who have PBE accounts.

Testing of new game content is a privilege that is only afforded to a few. Those who play on live servers can only see these changes once all changes are fully updated.

If you buy a PBE account, you get a sneak peek of brand new champions developed, update skins, more exciting game modes, and small and big features a few weeks before they launch on live servers.

If you buy a LoL PBE account from us, we will provide you with long-term access to the PBE server. You can then make the necessary changes on your account details once your payment is confirmed. Skins and champions for instance may be purchased while on PBE environment too.

Rest assured that the LoL PBE accounts that we sell here have enough RP and IP so you can unlock all possible updates and content. When you have a PBE account, take this opportunity to change to rare skins while playing!

Permanent access to the Public Beta Environment will provide you with the great opportunity to experience cool features before everybody else. Your opinions and feedback will be given high priority too, as they will be used to further enhance and improve the updates that are to be rolled out for regular players to use in the future.

The PBE server is a fully functional player platform. You can play games, queue up, and perform all usual actions that you do on the normal platform.

Within minutes after buying an LoL PBE account, you are given the following abilities as tester:

immediately test drive new features including brand new developed champions
select from new skins and be given preview of how they look
identify and check out all potential updates before release of changes

Make sure that after you buy a PBE account to download the PBE client first. It is available on both Microsoft and Mac operating platforms. The step-by-step procedure can be viewed on LoL webpage or on group forums dedicated to LoL. You may also contact us if you need more help in downloading and setting up the PBE client.

Bear in mind that your PBE account is different from that of your main account. You cannot transfer the skins, features, and updates from your PBE to your primary LoL account. Your rankings will not affect your PBE testing and gaming experience and vice versa.

As an account supplier, our main aim is to provide you quality PBE accounts, so you can have a smooth gaming experience once you become a tester. We offer PBE LoL accounts at affordable price points.

Lastly, buying LoL PBE accounts from us is 100% safe. We utilize strict encryption methods through SLL to ensure that your payment goes through and that your financial information is safe throughout the entire online payment process. We accept all major payment methods including Skrill, Paysafecard, Paypal, and Visa.

Once payment is completed all PBE account information will be forwarded to your email address within minutes! We utilize a fully automated system that enables us to complete transactions and send out PBE account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round!

Additional Information

PBE (Public Beta Environment server) account!  This account comes with: – Every Champion and Skin in the Game – Unlimited Hextech chests    

How much Blue Essence/Champion Capsules will I need?

Ranked Ready Smurf Guide:

Free Champions/Skins for doing the following:

Tier 3 Runes:

  • 9x Marks @ 205 ip = 918
  • 9x Glyphs @ 205 ip = 918
  • 9x Seals @ 205 ip = 918
  • 3x Quints @ 1025 ip = 1536

Runes total IP: 4290 ip

16 Champions:

  • 12 @ 450 ip = 5400
  • 4 @ 1350 ip = 5400

Champions total IP: 10800 IP

IP Total for runes and champions: 15090 IP

List of 450ip Champs:

  • Amumu, Annie, Ashe, Garen, Kayle, Yi, Nunu, Poppy, Ryze, Sivir, Soraka, Warwick

List of 1350ip Champs:

  • Alistar, Cho’Gath, Mundo, Eve, Fiddlesticks, Janna, Jax, Malphite, Morgana, Nasus, Singed, Sion, Taric, Teemo, Tristana, Tryndamere, Twisted Fate, Udyr, Veigar, Xin Zhao, and Zilea