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9 New Year’s Resolutions for League of Legends Players

2018 is going to be a big year for League of Legends. The landscape has now changed, thanks to the glut of game-changing updates Riot Games deployed late last year.

Still can’t come up with a list of New Year’s resolutions for 2018? Here are a few ideas. Note that some of these may not apply to you, depending on how you play in League.


Lots of players don’t want to dip their toes in ranked, mainly because they don’t want to deal with the ultra-competitive side of League. And some players have egos made of marshmallows and simply can’t handle rough stretches where wins are hard to come by.

Players who stay off ranked are missing out on what League is all about, which is competition – fierce competition. Sure, the atmosphere in ranked is more toxic and can be unbearable sometimes. But ranked is the best place for players to improve their gameplay skills. Because the environment in ranked really pushes players to get out of their comfort zones, explore different roles and Champions, and get good.


Players who refuse to go out of their comfort zones and religiously stick to what works best can be frustrating to deal with. Don’t be one of those players. Practice playing different roles and Champions. Versatility is a huge advantage in League, especially in ranked where players don’t always have the luxury of being able to pick favorite lanes and Champions.

If you don’t already main support, one of the most important roles in League, start the year by learning how to play support Champions. It might seem daunting at first, especially if you don’t really play well with others (the support communicates regularly with the ADC).


Wards are one of the most useful tools in League. For example, wards give you more map visibility and help you identify potential ambushes. However, wards are often taken for granted. Many players don’t use wards enough in matches, for different reasons. Players often rely on the support to set up wards in critical areas around the map, which is unfair to the support.

Make it a habit to deploy wards in every match and help give the team more map visibility. Set up wards right from the start. Don’t wait for someone else to do it first.


Map awareness is critical in League. All players – not just the captain or the support – need to be aware of what’s going on in the map at all times. Having poor map awareness makes you a bad teammate, especially if you have been playing League for a long time.

Start by making it a habit to check the mini-map every few seconds. The task only requires you to quickly glance at the bottom of the screen. Not really the most exhausting thing to do, right?


Skip this part if you are one of the few good citizens in League. League trolls may come in different forms. But they have one thing in common: they contribute to the bad reputation of League. Even those who only troll in an entertaining way in order to amuse other players and elicit a few laughs.

If you are guilty of being a serial troll, make 2018 the year that you finally stop contributing to the toxicity in League. Seriously, League is already toxic enough as it is. It doesn’t need one more player to further fan the flames of hatred. If you got trolled, don’t retaliate by trolling other players in order to get revenge. Break the cycle and just let it go.


Remember to always thank or praise teammates every time they do something good in the match. Words of appreciation go a long way in League. It boosts morale and ego and shows teammates that their efforts don’t go unnoticed, which can spur them to perform even better.

You don’t need to go overboard by writing a love letter to someone who just saved you from being ambushed. Just a simple “thank you” is enough. If you play ADC, it’s even more important to show appreciation to teammates. Or more specifically, show appreciation to the support, who is tasked with babysitting you for most of the match.


If you only have average last-hitting skills, now is the time to improve on that. In every match starting today, monitor how many minions you kill. And then in the next match, aim to get a better number than the one you just registered. Continue to do so until you can consistently top the previous mark.

Last-hitting is one of the more difficult gameplay mechanics in League. Heck, there are even League veterans who still can’t consistently last-hit even if their life depended on it. Take last-hitting seriously and commit to becoming a master at it by the end of 2018.


If you have a bad habit of getting banned or suspended at least once every year, for whatever reason, 2018 is the year that you let go of that habit. Refrain from doing anything that might get you banned by Riot Games. In other words, be a good citizen and just enjoy the game, even if the League community is just begging you to go rogue.

Being a good citizen for an entire year may prove too difficult. Because in some matches, it can be really difficult to refrain from blasting someone with a curse or two. We get it. Some players are simply asking for it. But once you have learned how to play without dipping into toxic waters, you will start to enjoy League more.


Tired of being owned in every head-to-head matchup? Tired of seeing your laughable KDA ratio after every match? Tired of being criticized every few minutes for not doing anything right?

Git gud.

That should be your primary goal this year. Aim to be a better overall player by the end of the year. We’re talking about improving in all areas, not just when it comes to last-hitting or map awareness. Watch videos of other players on YouTube or Twitch and see how you can improve your skills. Learn from mistakes and analyze how you could have handled a bad situation differently.

Git gud.

That should be your motto in League for 2018.

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