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The 8 Rarest League of Legends Champion Skins

“Champion Skins” are effectively alternate costumes in League of Legends. They don’t do anything other than change a Champion’s appearance. They don’t make you stronger than the opposition or give you advantages. That would still require a lot of practice, which you can easily do when you have an unranked League of Legends account. Still, they’re awesome to collect, especially the ones based on pop culture characters. Of course, Champion Skins need to be unlocked first before you can boast them to your enemies. Champion Skins can be purchased using Riot Points, which are acquired using real-world money.

Most Champion Skins are readily available for purchase anytime. However, there are some Champion Skins that can only be had during a specific time frame – limited edition, in other words. If you missed out on these limited-time Champion Skins, then you have no way of finding them again (except for some cases), unless Riot Games decide to make them available again. Here are some of the rarest limited-time Champion Skins that many players likely missed out on.


This Champion Skin is one of the rarest not because it had extremely hard requirements, but because it was removed from the Store by Riot Games. The reason? It didn’t pass Riot Games’ standard. After it was taken out from the Store, Rusty Blitzcrank was never seen again, and it’s unlikely that Riot Games will reconsider their actions. This Champion Skin is just like a dark colored version of the original character design, so you can’t really blame Riot Games for pulling the plug on it. They have a reputation to keep, you know.


If you signed up for your League of Legends account before January 14, 2010, then you most likely have this rare Champion Skin which, as the name implies, has extra-terrestrial origins. All players who signed for a League of Legends account before the aforementioned date had access to this Champion Skin. Sadly, if you’re just joining the party, so to speak, there’s no chance you can get your hands on UFO Corki even if you expressed undying loyal for League of Legends to Riot Games.


The big thing about buying games in retail instead of digital is that you get access to a number of collector’s items, like posters, booklets or mini-statues. If you bought a physical copy of the League of Legends Collector’s Pack when it was released, then Silver Kayle is likely in your roster. However, if you did not go for that retail version, then it’s virtually impossible for you to get Silver Kayle. Video game stores no longer have stocks of the League of Legends Collector’s Pack. Unless you have unmatched research and item hunting skills, it would be wise to simply accept that you missed your chance with this rare Champion Skin.


Like Silver Kayle, Black Alistar also came exclusively with the League of Legends Collector’s Pack, but only for those who bought digital and pre-ordered it in the first place. A lot of players most likely missed out on this Champion Skin. The primary reason is that back in 2009, digital downloading of games wasn’t as normal as it is now. Also, League of Legends was an unknown game back then, with the game it was based on, Defense of the Ancients (Dota), then reigning as the king of the MOBA scene. Don’t worry if you missed out on this rare Champion Skin. A lot of players did, too. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should now pre-order every game that interests you (see: No Man’s Sky).


Human Ryze is the retail version of Black Alistar. It was only available to players who pre-ordered the physical copy of League of Legends Collector’s Pack. If players had only known back then that they would be missing out on a number of pre-order-exclusive Champion Skins, they probably would have made more effort to unload cash on an unknown MOBA game.


This Ryze Champion Skin is rare not because it’s a limited edition, but because it actually requires you to win in an official League of Legends tournament. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big tournament or not. As long as Riot Games gave their blessing for the tournament to be held, then you can win the Triumphant Ryze Champion Skin if you emerge as the winner. The hard part is actually winning. Thankfully, you can easily train your guts out using an unranked League of Legends account with no repercussions. How to get Triumphant Ryze?


Medieval Twitch is a nifty little incentive for players who recruit other people to play League of Legends using the Refer-A-Friend system or RAF. That may seem like an easy task, but you would be hard-pressed today to even ask people to take a look at League of Legends, especially with other multiplayer games populating the scene, let alone play the game enough for a referral. Casual gamers won’t dip their toes in a game that’s clearly not made for them. And hardcore gamers, on the other hand, perceive the game negatively for some reason. So good luck getting those 350 referrals needed for Medieval Twitch.


King Rammus is arguably the king of all rare Champion Skins (no pun intended). Nintendo and Mario fans will easily point out that King Rammus is based on Bowser, the antagonist to the famous jumpsuit-wearing plumber. King Rammus has the distinction of the rarest of them all because only players who participated during the League of Legends beta testing were given this Champion Skin. Probably as a thank-you gift from Riot Games for helping in fine-tuning the game. This means that it doesn’t matter if you were one of the first few people who pre-ordered or bought the game. If you weren’t around during beta, King Rammus is out of reach.

If you happen to own one of these rare Champion Skins, then considered yourself really lucky. But don’t think about selling your account to people desperate to get their hands on these rare Champion Skins. No one would believe you if you boasted that you once had a King Rammus or Silver Kayle in your account unless you can show proof. If you’re going for Triumphant Ryze, you can start practicing for the local tournament by buying a Smurf League of Legends account.

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