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8 Champion Skins Based on Characters from Other Video Games

Alternate costumes in video games have been around since the golden days of arcades. Back then, they are usually found in fighting games. They help in differentiating who’s Player 1 and Player 2 should both choose the same character. Alternate costumes, while they only add cosmetic changes, help keep players invested in a specific character. They keep things fresh, in other words.

League of Legends also features alternate costumes for its many Champions. They’re called as “Champion Skins” in the game, and many of them need to be purchased first using Riot Points. They too don’t add bonus attributes, aside from making Champions extra cool. Previously, we wrote about Champion Skins based on pop culture characters. Let’s shake things up a bit today and focus on Champion Skins based on characters hailing from other video games.


Darkforge Jarvan IV is based on Kain Highwind, one of the protagonists in Final Fantasy IV. He is a dragoon knight who initially played the villain in the story, betraying his friends Cecil and Rosa. Turned out, he was simply being manipulated. Long story short, he still ended up as one of the good guys. Darkforge Jarvan IV is similar to Kain in that he also wears a full-body armor, although it doesn’t come in purple. His weapon also looks more like a very long sword, instead of a spear. Of the two, Darkforge Jarvan IV is arguably more sinister-looking.


Fans of the uber-popular game StarCraft would easily recognize this Champion Skin. Haunted Zyra is based on Sarah Kerrigan a.k.a. the Queen of Blades. She is one of the most recognizable characters in StarCraft and its sequel, StarCraft II. Haunted Zyra also comes with Kerrigan’s trademark messy hair, which resembles the hair tentacles of the infamous Predator. She doesn’t come with Kerrigan’s “wings,” although her sinister vines make a decent replacement. Compared to Kerrigan, Haunted Zyra has more colors in her sprite.


Rageborn Dr. Mundo is based on a character from another popular game by Blizzard Entertainment: Warcraft. Orcs are usually depicted as having green skin. However, in Warcraft, orcs come in different types with different skin colors. Rageborn Dr. Mundo is based on the “fel orc” variety. Fel orcs are recognizable by their red skin, a product of their bloodlust. Rageborn Dr. Mundo looks very similar to a fel orc. Actually, he could be inserted into a Warcraft game and many players probably wouldn’t notice that he’s from League of Legends. Rageborn Dr. Mundo also has glowing eyes to complete the fel orc package.


Zombie Brand is based on the famous zombies from the hit game Plants vs. Zombies. But unlike the brain-eating zombies, Zombie Brand doesn’t look like a dumb creature, with nothing but brain steak in his mind. He actually looks scary and capable of trapping you in an inescapable headlock while he eats your brain. Gross, right? Zombie Brand also comes with the ragged and dirty clothing associated not just with the zombies in Plants vs. Zombies, but zombies in general. Like the ones in the Resident Evil games and the movie “World War Z.” And to further differentiate himself, Zombie Brand also comes with flaming green hair.


Classic Nautilus is based on Big Daddy from Bioshock. Big Daddy is a half-human, half-diving suit tasked with guarding a “Little Sister.” We’re not going to bother explaining what a Little Sister is. Just look it up on Google. Anyway, Nautilus already looks like Big Daddy in his basic form. So the Classic Nautilus Champion Skin isn’t exactly a huge improvement. The main difference is that Big Daddy looks more human than Classic Nautilus. And there’s also that big drill missing in Classic Nautilus’ arsenal. But the important thing is that they’re both huge, they’re both metal, and they both have glowing eyes.


No, Full Metal Jayce isn’t based on Edward Elric a.k.a. the Fullmetal Alchemist, despite what his name suggests. Full Metal Jayce is a Champion Skin based on Samus Aran, the main protagonist in the popular game Metroid. Samus Aran is actually a female, perfectly disguised under her suit of armor. The reveal that she was actually a female all along is widely considered as one of the greatest twists in gaming history. Of course, Jayce can’t pull the same trick – we already know he’s a male. The Full Metal Jayce Champion Skin looks like a bulkier version of Samus Aran, which is saying a lot because the latter is already big. Full Metal Jayce also comes with different colors. However, he has the trademark visor seen in Samus Aran’s helmet.


Pulsefire Ezreal is based on the famous blue bomber: Mega Man. In this Champion Skin, Ezreal trades his signature magical glove for a hand-mounted cannon similar to Mega Man. But aside from that, Pulsefire Ezreal doesn’t have anything else to show. For one, he isn’t even wearing a blue armor. There’s a reason why Mega Man is called the “blue bomber.” He’s also missing a helmet, although you could argue that Mega Man also did not have a helmet by default in Mega Man Legends and Mega Man Legends 2.


Classic Akali is based on Jade, one of the playable fighters in the Mortal Kombat games, although she could easily be based on the other ninja girls: Kitana, Mileena and Skarlet. All characters look the same, except for the colors of their clothing and their chosen weapons. None of the Mortal Kombat ninja girls come equipped with a pair of axes like Classic Akali, though. This Champion Skin is very faithful to the source, from the face mask down to the knee-high boots. However, Classic Akali appears to be more clothed than her Mortal Kombat counterparts.

These are some of the more notable Champion Skins based on characters from other video games. There are a few more such Skins out there. Actually, we already wrote about a few of them in our Champion Skins Based on Pop Culture Characters series, which include Champion Skins referencing Sub-Zero and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, and Shiva from Final Fantasy.

Don’t forget that to properly show off these Champion Skins, you need to have the necessary survival skills in the game. No one can check out your shiny Champion Skin if you keep dying, right? You can buy an unranked League of Legends account and start practicing now!

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