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6 Tips on How to Play from Behind in League of Legends

Like other competitive multiplayer games, League of Legends is a box full of unpredictability. On some days, you will dominate like a professional esports player. But on some days, you will end up with the short end of the stick and get wrecked so hard you might consider quitting League entirely.

It is the latter that tests players. Falling behind in level and gold is one of the most crushing situations in League. Many players give up after being repeatedly cooked early on by their in-lane opponent, an understandable but totally not cool reaction.

However, it is perfectly possible to do a complete 180 after falling behind and still make a significant impact. But one of the reasons why players who fall behind give up is because they don’t really know how to play catch-up. Here are six tips on how to play from behind.

Put aside ego

Sometimes, it is not always about gameplay skills. Having the proper mindset also plays a big part when playing catch-up. The first thing to do is to let go of ego and admit the fact that you are at a disadvantage. It could be because the opposing Champion is a great counter to your Champion. Or it could be because the other player is simply way better than you.

Let’s face it, not all players are equal. There will always be someone better than you no matter how much practice you put in. It is pure arrogance to go into every match and expect to always come out on top. There is always the chance that you will run into a roadblock in the form of a really difficult match-up.

When playing from behind, you need to accept that you are really playing from behind. Don’t go out and deploy the same strategy that got you killed twice already by the same in-lane opponent, hoping that things will be different the third time around. There is a reason why you keep getting overwhelmed by the opponent. Accept and adjust.

Be open to adjusting equipment builds

Many players go with the same builds for every Champion in every match. This is one of the effects of having easy access to websites where optimum builds for each League Champion are listed for everyone to see. Due to the presence of these so-called recommended builds, many players don’t try to experiment with different builds. This hurts their ability to adapt to different situations.

Playing from behind requires adjustment. You will need to make changes when it comes to equipment. If the build you are shooting for is inclined toward offensive tactics but it is very apparent that it is clearly not working, switch to a defense-oriented equipment. Though it won’t immediately turn the tide in your favor, at least it will boost your chances of survival.

Play cautiously and defensively

The absolute worst possible thing to do when playing from behind is continuing to be aggressive. If the opposing in-lane Champion has repeatedly shown that he or she can easily overpower you, don’t force the issue. Stay back and play defensively instead. You are not being a coward by switching to defensive tactics. You are actually making the wise decision.

You can still earn experience by hanging around under a turret. Let the turret do the heavy lifting while you sit and watch from a safe distance. Wait for opportune moments to score a minion kill, which admittedly won’t be that frequent unless the opposing Champion leaves or gets killed courtesy of a well-timed ambush from teammates.

When trying to sneak in a minion kill while the enemy Champion is still around, consider first the trade-off. If last-hitting one minion translates to swallowing lots of damage in return, then it would be best to not go for it. It won’t be worth it. The penalty for dying is a lot bigger than losing out on a number of last-hits. But if you still want to take chances, make sure the hard-hitting abilities of the enemy Champion are still on cooldown.

Avoid trading blows

This is a no-brainer. If the enemy Champion has been dominating, why would you even try to still trade blows? There is no sense in continuing to fight when your every death feeds the enemy even more. All those clichés in action movies where the heroes continue to fight despite the painfully unfavorable odds don’t apply to League. Being stubborn in this game has grim consequences.

Leave it up to more capable teammates to harass the enemy Champion lording over your lane via timely ambushes. Well, actually, you can do your part by acting as a decoy when setting up an ambush. Just make sure you don’t die. You won’t be able to reap the benefits of having a Champion-free lane if you also died while making that happen.

Look to contribute in other means

Just because the enemy Champion has practically incapacitated you doesn’t mean you are a useless teammate. You can still help the team in other ways. You can help make life easier for everyone else by taking care of ward-placing. You can actively help out other lanes when teammates call for it. You can assist in an ambush if your Champion happens to have an ability or two that are great for ambushes.

It is not the end of the world when you get left behind in level and gold. As mentioned above, having the proper mindset goes a long way when placed in an undesirable situation in League. However, it is also important to keep in mind some limits when it comes to doing other stuff to compensate.

One of which is not stealing too much from the jungle. The jungle relies primarily on neutral monsters for experience and gold, so it would be wise not to get in the way too much. Ask for permission from the jungle first before going for neutral monsters.

Don’t be impatient

Playing from behind can be boring since you won’t be able to play aggressively until the situation is more favorable. It can also be extremely frustrating, especially when you just can’t seem to get proper footing despite the adjustments you made. But it is very important that you stay patient when playing from behind.

Let your teammates carry you until you can stand on your own without getting completely wrecked. There is no harm in that. After all, League is a team-based game. Relying on teammates is part of the game. If you want fewer chances of getting dominated, you can get lots of extra practice by using a League of Legends Smurf account.

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