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6 Reasons Why You Should Play Ranked Matches in League of Legends

League of Legends is the most popular game in the world. Period, no questions asked. The community is divided into casual players who mainly play in normal matches and, well, non-casual players who are fully committed to ranked matches.

If you belong in the former category, then you are missing out on what League of Legends is all about, which is fierce competition. Excluding all the shiny goodies you can get, here are 6 reasons why you should do a complete 180 and play in ranked matches instead.


Lots of players avoid playing ranked matches because they don’t want to get matched up with more skilled and more experienced players. And being matched up with such players raise the likelihood of getting owned and embarrassed. Not to mention, playing against better players often translates to losses. Lots of losses. And not everyone has the fortitude to withstand a string of losses on a regular basis, especially those used to being on the winning side.

But by staying away from ranked, you’re not getting the full League of Legends experience. The game is all about competition, and the only way to truly experience that is through ranked matches. Sure, normal matches may feel competitive. But compared to ranked matches, the level of competition in normal matches is pretty tame.

In ranked matches, competition is intense and ever-present. In normal matches, competition often takes a break, only showing up in earnest every other Tuesday or so. Ditch the latter and experience real competition in League of Legends by playing in ranked matches.


Playing in ranked matches can be daunting. Being surrounded by players who bring years of experience and top-notch skills on the table might even cause anxiety in you. But you can approach the competitive landscape with a different mindset. Stop thinking that the competition is out to embarrass you and drive you back to normal matches with a scarred and depleted ego. Instead, treat the competition as an obstacle that you must overcome at all costs.

Due to the level of competition, ranked matches push you to the limits, whether you like it or not. And the only way to survive – and thrive – in ranked matches is to become a better player. Take up the challenge and aim to become a formidable player in League of Legends. Forget about wins for a moment. If you don’t get a single win after a week or two, don’t be discouraged and jump straight back to normal matches. Just keep playing and approach the challenge head-on.


Ranked matches expose you to aspects of the game that you will rarely see in normal matches. But we’re not talking about the level of toxicity here – toxicity is more pronounced in ranked matches due to the intense competition involved.

No, we’re talking about gameplay elements. Being exposed to high-level gameplay can only help you become a better player. It improves game knowledge and helps you get a better grasp of the system. Experience is really the best teacher, and experiencing the competitive and often harsh nature of ranked matches will teach you a lot of things. For example, you can get a firsthand experience of top-level plays you only see on YouTube and Twitch.

Diving into ranked matches also requires you to read a lot about the game, including Champion builds, counters, and strategies, in order to keep up. The internet is full of websites with in-depth information about League of Legends, allowing you to absorb tips and lessons off-match. Obviously, doing so arms you with even more knowledge of the game.


Players use different numbers to measure their proficiency or aptitude in League of Legends. Some players use their KDA ratios. Other players use their CS. But the only way to truly measure where you stand in the game is through the League System.

Seeing where you place on the ladder gives you a good idea of how good you are and where you rank among the thousands of players in the region. With the ladder, you get to have a real goal to shoot for in League of Legends – a game often criticized for being repetitive and not offering a real end-game like games from other genres.

By placing high on the ladder, you get bragging rights, giving you the necessary “proof” every time you tell someone that you are better than them (assuming you are really ranked higher). Whiling away in normal matches provides you with zero credible proof of how good you are in League of Legends.


Trolls play a big part in making the game an incredibly toxic place. And one of the biggest benefits of playing in ranked matches is that you encounter fewer trolls and players who have no business being in League of Legends in the first place. Sure, the atmosphere is ranked matches is more toxic. But not because of trolls – the ultra-competitive nature of ranked matches has more to do with it.

In ranked matches, the environment is a lot more serious than in normal matches. And trolls don’t have a place in such an environment. Everyone wants to win in ranked matches because every win counts – wins directly affect where you rank in the ladder. Nobody has time to goof around and risk losing, which could mean a demotion to a lower tier.


As mentioned, players in ranked matches want to win at all costs. Because winning is the only way gain ground in the rankings. In general, players in ranked matches play harder and give more effort in order to achieve the W.

This means the quality of matches is way better in ranked. In terms of quality, normal matches pale in comparison to ranked matches. And as you move up the ladder, the quality of matches become better and better, giving you another reason to shoot for a higher placement in the ladder. The more high-quality matches you experience, the easier it is to have fun in League of Legends, which is the most important thing when playing games.

Ready to commit to ranked matches? Don’t wait for another year to pass! Start playing ranked matches now and experience another side of League of Legends!

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