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6 Reasons Why Everyone Hates Teemo in League of Legends

In many competitive games, there’s always that one character everyone loves to hate. In the Tekken series, there’s the Brazilian capoeira fighter Eddy Gordo, whose “strategy” basically centers on pressing random buttons on the controller until the opponent gets knocked out. In the Street Fighter series, there’s Chun-Li and her spam-happy rapid kicks or Dhalsim and his extendable limbs that can hit opponents virtually from anywhere. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, snipers are usually hated by many due to their tendency to camp their asses in one location all day

In League of Legends, there’s Teemo, the Swift Scout, a Champion whose claim to fame is annoying the shit out of players – both newbies and veterans alike. Teemo’s gameplay is similar to the Hero Techies in Dota 2, a game similar to League – he can kill Champions from the other side of the map without even breaking a sweat. And the worst part is, his victims don’t even know what hit them. Let’s take a look why, exactly, League players hate Teemo.

1. He can become invisible

Thanks to his “Guerilla Warfare” ability, Teemo can make himself invisible by simply standing still and refraining from doing anything. He can do this anywhere and anytime. Even worse? He can stay invisible indefinitely. If you got into a duel with Teemo and had his guts bleeding all over the ground, expect him to go invisible right when you’re about to win, forcing you to wait him out unless you have a pink ward or an oracle with you. Another bad news is that Teemo can move and stay invisible at the same time while he’s in a brush. And that’s not all there is to Guerilla Warfare. Going visible again immediately grants Teemo an Attack Speed boost for 3 seconds, allowing him to launch surprise attacks practically out of nowhere.

2. He can blind enemies

Teemo’s “Blinding Dart” ability, as its name explicitly implies, causes enemies to go blind for a maximum of 2.5 seconds, which should be enough for a wounded Teemo to make a quick escape or go invisible. This ability wrecks melee Champions. When used correctly, Teemo can make farming an absolute hell. Just when you thought you had a good number of low-health minions lined up for last-hits, Teemo hits you with his damn dart, resulting in your ally minions killing said low-health enemy minions instead. Not fun.

3. He is a hit-and-run expert

Teemo has the ability called “Move Quick” which allows him to quickly get out of harm’s way in record-setting fashion. Well, not really blindingly fast, but enough to annoy the shit out of whoever is up against him in the lane – most especially melee Champions. When occupying the top lane, Teemo can safely play aggressively and chip away at the opposing melee Champion’s health without fear of retribution. If the opposing Champion decides that they’ve had enough of the damned furball’s sneaky attacks and tries to launch an attack of their own, Teemo can sprint out of the way thanks to a temporary Movement Speed boost granted by Move Quick. Combine this with Blinding Dart and you have yourself an abomination of a Champion that is questionably still in League despite the hate he has generated. Even those who just got into League by buying a high-level League of Legends account will instantly hate Teemo.

4. His auto-attacks have bonus damage

Okay, we lied. Teemo’s Blinding Dart and Move Quick abilities aren’t the only ones that make him a frustrating opponent in your lane. Teemo’s main source of direct damage is his Toxic Shot ability, which gives his normal attacks an extra juice. The ability inflicts poison on enemies upon impact, dealing additional damage for 4 seconds. That may seem like just a short time, but if Teemo is properly geared up to take advantage of Toxic Shot, he can take down melee Champions without even moving away from his comfort zone.

5. He’s useless in team clashes

Teemo’s abilities and overall gameplay don’t make him suitable for 5-on-5 team clashes. In fact, he’s practically useless, leaving his teammates to fight handicapped. He doesn’t have support abilities or big-damage map abilities that allow him to have some use during critical team clashes. He’s merely a spectator, waiting for wounded enemy Champions to finish off. But that’s assuming his team manages to come away on top and isn’t obliterated. League players not only hate being up against Teemo but also fighting alongside Teemo. There’s a reason the article title isn’t “Why Opposing Players Hate Teemo.” You have to be a special kind of character to have everyone – friends and foes alike – hate you unconditionally.

6. His mushrooms

Perhaps the single, greatest reason why everyone hates Teemo in League is because of his “Noxious Trap” ability, which is very similar to Techies’ main ability in Dota 2. If you have played Dota 2 or its predecessor in the past, then you know how extremely annoying it is to walk into one of Techies’ invisible bombs just when you’re about to buy expensive equipment after 10 minutes of farming Gold. Teemo’s Noxious Trap is worse. Aside from dealing huge damage, especially during late-game, Teemo’s dreaded ability also poisons nearby enemies and slows down their Movement Speed. Teemo can plant his mushrooms in areas where players usually move through, forcing players to consider other routes. If Teemo’s allies are well-coordinated, they can use this to their advantage by setting up ambushes in alternate routes.

As you can see almost all of the reasons above center on Teemo’s abilities. Because his abilities are exactly what makes him annoying to play against. Riot Games probably designed Teemo while thinking, “How can we make the game an absolute hell for everyone?” And then after coming up with his ability set, someone suggested making him a cute little squirrel to mask his evilness. If you enjoy ruining other people’s gaming experience, you can try giving Teemo a test run and see how things work out for you. Just buy a Smurf League of Legends account and spread the hate using Teemo.

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