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6 Questions to Ponder Before Buying Champion Skins

League of Legends is a free-to-play MOBA, and just like most other free-to-play games, it makes money from in-game purchases or micro-transactions. One of Riot Games’ ways to make people cough up money is dangling shiny Champion Skins at their faces. But are they really worth buying? Here are 6 questions that you should think about before opening your wallet to Champions Skins.

Do you play League of Legends a lot?

How many hours do you spend playing League? Do you play six hours daily trading insults with random teammates? Or just a couple of hours every weekend whenever adult responsibilities allow you to? If it’s the former, then Champion Skins are a good investment. The problem with regularly playing League is that your favorite Champions can easily look stale after significant use.

Champion Skins can help in making them more refreshing to look at. Some designs even make it seem like your Champion is an all-new character because of the cosmetic changes. However, if you only occasionally play League, like only when you’re with real-life friends, Champion Skins might not be worth it. Unless, of course, you genuinely hate the default design of your favorite Champion (more on this below).

Do you play many Champions?

This is kind of related to the point above. Many players only stick to a handful of Champions during their entire League careers. It’s perfectly okay to do so – unlike in Dota 2, the main rival to League in the MOBA scene – as long as you’re also willing to take in the disadvantages. Like being completely helpless when you’re forced to use other Champions.

If you use a lot of Champions – as in more than 10 – then that should already take care of the aforementioned staleness that comes with regularly using the same Champion over and over again. Whenever you get sick of using a certain Champion, simply switch to your other Champions. You can buy Champion Skins when your eyes get exhausted of seeing the default designs of your entire roster.

Do you hate your favorite Champion(s) default look?

Not all Champions were designed equally. Some look outrageously glorious that you just had to buy them no matter the cost. Others make you question Riot Games’ creativity and originality. Now, what if your all-time favorite happens to be in the latter category? Do you simply swallow the unflattering design and convince yourself that, “Hey, at least I can win duels with this Champion, so I don’t care how he looks”? If you’re never one to judge things based on how they look, then buying a Champion Skin for your favorite probably won’t make any difference to you. But if you seriously hate your favorite’s default look, then Champion Skins are the way to go.

Do you have spare money for Riot Points?

Though there are Champion Skins that can be acquired absolutely for free, the majority of them need to be bought off the Riot Store using Riot Points. Riot Points, unlike the other in-game currency, Influence Points, can’t be earned simply by participating in League matches. They need to be purchased using cold, hard cash. The minimum you can get is 650 Riot Points, priced at $5, with the maximum clocking in at 15000 Riot Points for $100.

Champion Skins are priced between 390 and 3250 Riot Points, depending on the cosmetic changes. In short, Champion Skins aren’t cheap. If you have a boatload of extra money that you’re willing to spend on gaming-related products other than Doritos, Mountain Dew or, you know, new games to play, then, by all means, throw them at Champion Skins.

Champion Skins are just cosmetic changes – are you cool with this?

Like alternate costumes in fighting games, Champion Skins only offer cosmetic changes. They don’t give you advantages while farming minions – they only make you cooler while doing so. They won’t help you when you get ambushed because you weren’t paying attention to your teammates’ warnings. And they certainly won’t help your case in bringing down epic monsters. Champion Skins are nothing more than design changes – some slight, some drastic – to your favorite characters.

Are you willing to spend at least $5 for something like that? Do you think you can splurge without guilt at the Riot Store on stuff that won’t even make you a better League player? If yes, then stop reading this article and head over to our list of the best Champion Skins based on popular culture and start shopping now.

Do you want to support Riot Games?

Look, Riot Games probably won’t lose big money if you pass on buying Champion Skins every now and then; they make money from other micro-transactions. Besides, League has thousands of other users more than willing to throw money at Champion Skins. So it’s not like you’re helping Riot Games financially in a big way. Okay, maybe you are, but that’s beside the point. However, simply buying Champion Skins, even the cheapest of them, is a way of showing support for Riot Games’ products – except Teemo Skins; everyone hates Teemo.

It’s a way of appreciating the work turned in by the designers of the Champion Skins you buy. If it makes you feel better knowing that you support Riot Games by buying Champion Skins (and their other Riot Store products), feel free to show them your love. But if you think you can show your support without money involved, such as simply being a good member of the community, then you can hold off on buying Champion Skins every other week or so.

The bottom line

If Riot Points were attainable via other means that don’t involve real-world money, there would be no need for this article. You could simply play League as normal, racking up Riot Points along the way and spending them on Champion Skins whenever the mood hits you. But since you would have to fork over your hard-earned money for Champion Skins, things are slightly more complicated.

In the end, it’s just a matter of personal preference, though – if you really like a certain Champion Skin, go buy it. If not, just walk away. Of course, you can always wait for Riot Games to put Champion Skins on sale, which happens quite frequently actually. As always, Champion Skins are best complemented with great gameplay skills. Buy a Smurf League of Legends account today and start your road to greatness!

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