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One of the best ways to enjoy League of Legends is to play with real-life friends. This makes things a lot easier, especially when it comes to communication. But what if you’re not blessed with friends who play League? Well, you can always entice someone to give it a try. If you do find someone willing to give League a shot, here are 6 pieces of advice that you can give them.


Though League offers simple and easy to pick up gameplay mechanics, getting a good feel for the game takes a lot of time. Even players who have been playing for a couple of years lack execution when it comes to the basics. The first thing you need to make absolutely clear is that League isn’t a short-term affair, where skills and tactics can be perfectly honed in just a few weeks.

A huge chunk of time must be committed to regularly playing League in order to get a good grasp of the gameplay. There is no other way around this. The best way to learn about League is through first-hand experience, which translates to dozens of matches played. Tell them that in order to really “get” League, they need to spend a lot of time in it. The transition from a total noob to a respectable rookie can take several months.


Many beginners want to immediately get into the middle of things, especially overexcited newbies who can’t wait to go head-to-head with the best of the best in League. This often leads to brutal slaps of reality. There is no shortcut to getting better at League. Newbies must start at the very bottom and then work slowly to the top of the food chain.

Tell them to take it slowly and not rush the process of getting better at League. This includes learning the basic concepts until they can execute them in an effective manner and memorizing the map until they can accurately identify strategic points. If they still can’t last-hit minions consistently, discourage them from diving into more advanced mechanics and tell them to focus on last-hitting first.

Learning League is a step-by-step process. Skipping other steps in order to dive into less boring and more action-packed experiences will only do more harm than good. It is understandable for beginners to feel the itch to forego the lengthy learning process and head straight for the action, especially if they want to quickly prove themselves to friends. But the best way to learn the ropes in League is to take it one step at a time.


League offers over 100 Champions to choose from, which can be overwhelming for players new to the MOBA scene. Especially players used to playing games where playable characters range from one to 10.

For new players, it can be tempting to immediately shoot for the most popular or the most overpowered Champions. No harm in that. People tend to follow the trend and hop on the bandwagon. But for beginners, the best approach is to choose a Champion they are truly comfortable with, someone who matches well with their preferred playstyle. If they prefer to play from the back of the pack, recommend a support or ranged Champion. If they prefer to go nose-to-nose with minions and Champions, recommend a tank. Encourage them to seek out a Champion that suits them well.

Of course, beginners won’t be able to immediately tell which Champion they are better off with. They need to spend time tinkering with a number of Champions in order to come up with a preferred playstyle. The fact that most of the roster is locked away doesn’t help in the process.

In Dota 2, new players have access to the full roster right from the get-go, making it easier to try out different characters. In League, players must identify which Champions to roll with in a timely matter to avoid wasting in-game currency, which can be hard to come by for newbies. This is one of the key differences between the two popular online games.


Newcomers to the MOBA scene often assume that League, like other online multiplayer games such as Call of Duty and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is all about killing other Champions. This is why new players usually go after kills in order to improve their kill-death ratios, which is one of the worst ways to approach League as a beginner.

Tell them that League is not all about racking up kills in order to put on a face of supremacy. It is a team-based game where gunning for objectives is more important. Sure, taking out enemy Champions is an effective way to prevent them from earning gold and EXP and to take more control of the lane. But new players should be trained to focus more on objectives instead of Champion-hunting.

Make it clear to them that earning gold by consistently last-hitting minions is more important. If new players regularly ignore minions in order to poke at enemy Champions in hopes of getting a kill, they will fall behind, making it harder for them to survive in the lane.


Another good way to learn more about League is by watching videos of other players. There is no shortage of League gameplay videos on the internet. Both YouTube and Twitch are readily available to sift through. They can start with tutorial videos covering the basics of the game and then gradually move on to more advanced mechanics.

Some players respond better to watching others play than listening to instructions from a veteran player. Not all players are gifted at teaching, especially the impatient ones who want to see immediate results from the student. So if you are having trouble explaining a specific gameplay aspect, point them to a useful video on the internet.


The most important advice to tell rookies is to have fun while playing League. Tell them to play through all the toxicity and just enjoy League as much as possible. New players often get turned off by the toxic baggage that League comes with. It would be wise to enlighten them about the dark side of League, so they can prepare for it.

Advise them to not take anything personally in League, especially when it comes to insults pointed at family members and other obscene remarks. League will never be free of all the toxicity, no matter how hard Riot Games tries to make the community a better place.

If you want a hands-on approach in teaching newbie friends how to play League, we recommend that you buy a League of Legends Smurf account. This will allow you to walk side-by-side with them, which is more effective than simply subjecting them to an endless stream of instructions.

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