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League of legends is an awesome game when mastered. But before that let me not lie to you, it’s tough. It will require you to take many lessons straight from the pro gamer turfs. Some things to learn will include how to kill enemy minions, choosing the best champion, playing well as part of a great team, laning, delivering skill shots, and building a champion. If you are LOL beginner, here are ten simple steps a pro gamer could use to make you an awesome player.

Step 1

Teach You The Value Of Patience. Like I have pointed out, the game is wide and requires a lot of time to learn all its controls. For instance it has over 100 plus champions that you could use, has a number of skills to learn, requires strategy, has a jargon of its own, and uses bings to send in messages to your teammates. True it can all be really daunting but when patient it will totally fall in place.

Step 2

Assist You In Getting An Account. You cannot play in the league if you don’t have a LOL account, never! The accounts include smurf and LOL accounts. Today the game is even very different and tailoring a great account can be tough. One thing a pro player will do is to form new accounts for them and another one for you so they can experience what it is like playing within your level at that particular time. This will help them to get you through to lvl 30 easily.

Step 3

Train You On How To Play Bot. If you’re new to the game and want to play with friends who are at other levels you will most likely get paired to people who are way above you. The trick is to play lots and lots of Bot matches. Usually in the lower levels you don’t own any champ and this makes it tricky to play PvP. Until you can nail the Bots your trainer will help you to keep off PvP games.

Step 4

Help Your Get Your Best Champ. My first time to press Q and grab an enemy before hitting them flat out was awesome. I still relive all these memories and I thank my favorite champion LeBlanc for it! You will dream of this moment if you are a new gamer. But it starts by finding the right champion. Your pro helper will assist you in finding that great champion for your use.

Step 5

By Giving You Realistic Goals. You must have a target if you want to register any progress in the game. But some targets are insane. You can’t be at level one and want to use your R, never. R (Ult) is only available in lvl 6. To get the most realistic goals for your game you will need a person who understands the game to set them out for you. For instance they can tell you to – try and pick every single health blob for Zac, try getting the most CS etc. Bear in mind it’s a goal.

Step 6

Assist You With Live Streams. This is really awesome for a new gamer. Watching live streams will help you to raise many questions that your pal can address immediately. In this sense you will gain a more general understanding of the game. Ask them for a few educational streams you could use to learn.

Many gamers quit league of legends simply because they can’t stand the tough climb from level 1 to 30. But with the right knowledge, skills, and trainer, this whole experience can be so smooth and quite enjoyable. Use these tips that I have given you to try something new and to get into the league hassle free.

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    Amazing, great service. Chatting with a person from customer support was very reassuring and helpful.

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    Great service. Fantastic. Worked with me throughout the whole process and updated me when they had more in stock.