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If you have played in the League then you must know by now what the game entails. LOL as many gamers call it is a dueling game that pits two teams of five against each other. They are pitted in a unique battlefield called the rift, otherwise simply called “the map”. These teams of five use specific elements to play called the champions. These champions include the Bruiser at the top lane, the Mid Lane Champion, Attack Damage Carry (ADC), Jungler, and Support. Every champion has its role to play if the game must end well (with a victory) on dealing complete damage to their enemy’s base. But that’s a story for another day. So which are the best champions that can give you the best results in the LOL?




Janna has both powerful shields and many disruptive abilities. Her play style is quite passive and only relies on disengaging or disrupting the entire opponent’s team. No wonder she enjoys much more less popularity among gamers even though she has one of the best win rates. However the real thing is Janna is a bomb just like Thresh, Leona, or Morgana that many players die for.




Nas, like I often call is incredibly strong. He is the best farmer this game has every provided. He is played in all the levels and that makes him sort of a phenomenon. However Nasus never wins in the lower ranks because of this same reason – he can’t farm. And it’s no mean mark if Nasus has to release his terror on the squishies you must be ready to hit 50 creep at 15 minutes. In short we are talking 400 – 500 stacks so get ready to farm or let him roam like many top laners do.




Leona is the CC (Crowd Control) queen among supports. She is easy to learn and pretty much the beginner’s gal. Leona doesn’t suck! She is an insanely strong Support and has only one solid encounter in Janna. But like you can see, who plays Janna anyway? J … So worry not. Leona in fact has a fantastic Q-stun, E-snare, and R – nuke stun. You must definitely try her out sometime.




One of the most brutal champs on the Bot lane Sona transitions so well into team fights. She will deal hard hitting damage, has solid heals, and is complete with awesome movement speed buffs. But he CC is everything you’d ever dream of in an ultimate champion. Sona simply has it all. In fact Sona has no counter plays and that makes her incredibly off the hook.




Amumu is the wrecker. Surrounded by an aura of bad luck this mummified champion has the most tragic story of all. He wakes up thousands of years after everyone he knew is dead, and I am thinking 3000 years to be precise…lol! Now all he wants is to make a friend. But Amumu is not the kind of pal you wanna have, he has the most game wrecking kits and his Ult is stunning.




Arguably the strongest ever since his rework, Lumberjack Sion has become my favorite champ in the game. He is big, powerful, tanky, and will intimidate an opponent by just his size alone. He has an insane durability plus he is a big bully, and that makes me like him even more. He swings around some huge axe that’ll help you to land a game breaking ultimate when you start mowing the enemy’s team.



Like I said before champion vary in roles. The Bruiser of the Top Laner for instance deals a lot of damage to win the top lane. The Mid Laner is arguably the strongest and works alone to keep off the enemy and secure the mid lane, the ADC carries the spoils, while the Jungler launches the best surprise attacks to the neuters. Finally the Support provides visibility, supports the team and buys items to boost allies’ powers. Know your champions role before choosing the one to use.

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