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If you’re reading this guide then you likely want to improve you league of legend playing skills and climb up the rankings.

Maybe you’ve got your sights set on a professional gaming career or you simply want to push your league of legends gaming as far as you can.  I can tell you that many have come before you claiming to be the best thing since “The Legend of Zelda” only to become bitterly disappointed they realised that the level of your online competition is as brutal as playing “Demon Souls” for the first time.

Getting better at LoL is something that takes practice and the right processes in place to assess, analyse and resolve the errors in your own game strategies.

So how can you get better?

1.  Know Your Weaknesses and Fix Them

If you don’t think you have any weaknesses or you think that you’re “Kratos” of the battlefield then this is your first mistake. Ego isn’t a bad thing as long as you actually have the skills to back it up.

Often players let their ego get in the way of seeing and understand mistakes in their game. Your inability to identify problems in your own game will be one of the biggest factors that holds you back from progressing in your rankings.

It’s impossible for every loss you’ve ever had to be the fault of your team so make sure you download a game recorder and watch your game replays so that you can assess the situations where you made mistakes and identify strategies that you can use in the future.

The faster you find your mistakes and fix them sooner you’ll have the skills to reach high divisions.

2. Play One Champion and Play It Well

Constantly switching from one champion to another without taking the time to learn and master the skills and abilities will again become a huge reason for holding you back.

Just because you lose a few games in a row doesn’t mean that it’s the fault of the champion. Like the saying goes “a bad workman always blames his tools” so remember that the more you practice with a champion the more you’ll understand when and how to use the abilities to your advantage.

Don’t be one of those players constantly throwing excuses about your game play or telling your teammates it’s because of the latest nerf. Every class has it’s strength and weaknesses but it’s up to you to maximise yours and take advantage of your opponents weaknesses.

We recommend playing a single champion as often as possible. Find a champion that suits your playstyle and most importantly that you enjoy playing. When you learn how to master the mechanics of a champion it will undoubtedly have an effect on your game that allows you to play more confidently and adapt to different scenarios.

Knowing damages, bursts, match ups and timings will allow you to outplay your opposition.


3. Understand the Game and Theories

Here is your first test, tell me what this means  “Avoid getting killed by ganks in mid lane by the enemy jungler”?

If you don’t know what it means the chances are you don’t understand the game and it’s strategies yet. Playing any MMORG or MOBA is a significant learning curve. You can’t simply flick through a 10 page glossy set of game instructions but instead you’ll have to teach yourself about the game and the champions you decide to learn.

It’s not like playing paper, rock, scissors and there aren’t just three hands to learn. In League of Legends there countless numbers of complex combinations, strategies and scenarios that will present and you’ll be in a constant tug of war trying to counter and adapt.

4. Play For Your Team

The number of kills you gain in a match means nothing if you lose the game especially when you’re trying to push to higher divisions.  Not being a team player is your quickest way to fail.

If you want to improve your game then you need to learn how to help others around you. League of Legends is very much a team game and those that learn how to play together will quickly perform better than those that don’t.

You want to be constantly reviewing the map for opportunities that present themselves where you can go and help a team mate, pick up some kills or complete an objective.

Roaming, consistent ganking and active map pressure will inevitably put significant in game pressure on the opposition. When you put pressure on your opposition it means that they will lose focus, become frustrated and eventually tilt will begin to occur.

5. You’re ignoring Tilt

Anger, frustration, tiredness and boredom can all result in what is called a state of Tilt. Tilt was a term used in the game of poker and was a way to understand when you had less chance of winning and therefore potentially lose your money.

Focus on your game and know when you’re playing your best or when you’re starting to lose your focus.

If you continue to play League of Legends while tilting in ranked queues then you are going to lose more than you win and this will potentially send you spiralling into lower divisions.

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