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1. Levelling is a Grind

Levelling a class for any MMORG, Real Time Strategy (RTS) or Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) can take considerable time. For example a MOBA like League of Legends can take 40,084 summoner experience to reach a level 30 account. A typical bot games in LOL only gives a player around 90 experience and each game can take as long as 20 minutes.

It’s easy to run the numbers and find that most level 30 accounts would take almost 150 hours of continuous playtime – without the player taking any breaks or considering the queue times!

This problem is amplified when those same 150 hours is multiplied by the number of champions you want to play with in your account. If you have 5 champsions then you might be looking at 750 hours of game time. I think we can agree that’s probably not the best way to spend your time.

While the first time you level a class / champion in any new online game it can be exciting, and it’s often something players often reminisce, and it can also help you learn your abilities over time. The fact is though, after reaching your first max levelled account future levelling quickly becomes a grind.

2. Each Champion Amplifies Your Time Spent Grinding

Just as we mentioned in the prior point the reason why you should consider buying a Smuf accounts is that your levelling / grind time is amplified by the number of champions you want to have in your account.

How often have you reached the max level and realised that the champion doesn’t suit your playstyle or even worse it’s nerfed in the latest patch which makes it the most uninviting class to play moving forward. What a waste of your time.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could test classes at the highest level before investing all of your precious time? This again becomes important if you’re trying to push your league ranking and find a champion that you enjoy and suits your playstyle so that you can reach diamond division or higher.

Buying your account online means within minutes you can buy a Smurf account and be playing online within minutes. You now have the advantage of being able to test classes without investing precious time or risking your primary account.


3. Levelling Alone Isn’t Enjoyable

Remember that one of the biggest reasons that players choose MMORGs, MOBAs and RTS’s is because of the real time interaction and social experience they can have.

If you’re new to the game or trying to find a new champion that you can push your rankings with then chances are you’ll be levelling your account on your own.

Very occasionally you’ll find a group of friends to level new champions together but in reality this doesn’t happen as often as we’d like. People are busy, including your friends,  and when they get the opportunity to play they want to putting the time into their primary champions and pushing their rankings.

While everyone is enjoying end game content you’ll be stuck grinding it out against bots and it’s unlikely you’ll be improving your skills if you were playing in ranked matches.

4. Boosting Gets Expensive

In League of Legends it costs roughly half a million IP to buy all of the champions. If you just started playing League of Legends today, it will take you 1,916 days (or 5.2 years) if all you do is play one winning game (250 IP) a day.

Riot Games currently does not offer a service to boost your account to level 30 which means the only option you have is to buy a smurf account or alternatively find someone that you can pay to boost your account to level 30 for you. Paying a real person to boost your account is obviously going to be expensive.

Let’s say you pay yourself a minimum wage of 9.00 per hour in the US, this means that leveling one account to level 30 would cost you $1,350 dollars of your time.

When you buy existing accounts with existing IP it means you can buy the champions you’re most interested in and enjoy playing the game rather than spending precious time, money or a combination of the two. It also means that you’ll be paying as low as $20.00 for your account.

6. Playing in Additional Realms

When it comes to most MMO / MMORG / MOBA accounts are typically restricted to a region. What this means is that if you want to play in another region you’ll either have to a) transfer your account or b) level a new account in the desired region. Often the are also individual servers in each region which you also won’t be able to play upon.

If you want to play with friends in a different region you simply won’t be able to without grinding a new account or transferring your primary. The latter is always less desirable as you may be part of teams that all play on the same servers.

If you choose to create a new character in that region it means you have go back to step 1 and begin that horrible grind again and by that time your friend has probably left to play another game.

Buying a Smurf account provides you with the benefit of having an additional account at max level which you use for playing with friends in regions that aren’t your primary.

Do you use a smurf account and how has it helped your playing?


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