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5 Reasons Why League of Legends Can Be Rough on Beginners

With over 100 million active players each month, according to Riot Games’ estimate in September 2016, League of Legends is no doubt the most popular game in the world. There are several reasons why it has gained such a large population. Like being a free-to-play and more casual compared to Dota 2, its main rival in the MOBA genre.

However, League can be pretty rough on beginners. Which makes it even more amazing that it still regularly attracts hundreds of new players each month and manages to keep them in the fold. Here are five reasons why League can be hard to new players.

1. The tutorial isn’t all that helpful

Almost every other game offers a tutorial to show you the ropes. League is no different. However, the tutorial in League only shows you the most basic gameplay mechanics such as using Champion abilities and attacking minions.

It doesn’t really prepare you for the real thing, even if you buy a high-level League of Legends account to mask your newbie-ness. You’re better off watching videos on YouTube or Twitch. The tutorial is akin to your mother teaching you how to walk as a little kid and then leaving you as soon as you take your first three unassisted steps. League mechanics are easy to pick up. But the only way to truly learn how to effectively play is to enter countless matches.

2. Too many Champions

Having lots of playable characters in a game is a good thing. For one, it adds replay value. The flip side is that character selection can be overwhelming because of it. League has over 100 Champions (to go along with tons of Champion Skins) to choose from. Though most of them need to be unlocked first, which in itself can be daunting. Which Champion should you spend your hard-earned Riot or Influence Points on? Choosing which Champion and role to main as can be difficult to nail down for new players due to the sheer number of options.

Another reason why having too many Champions can be a bad thing for new players is that the chance of going up against a totally unfamiliar Champion in every match is quite high. Studying how to fight against every new Champion you come across can be difficult considering you’re also trying to learn how to play our own Champion.

Obviously, if you’re new to the game, learning how to fight against each and every League Champion is impossible. Well, unless you have too much time on your hands and willing to sit through dozens of gameplay videos.

3. Lots of information to process

If you’re someone who has poor awareness when playing games, you’re going to have a tough time in League. There are a lot of things going on on-screen, which can be a lot to take in for new players. This is why your attention needs to be undivided when playing League.

League is a team-based game (more on this below). Meaning, team communication is paramount to getting a win. The main communication line between teammates is the team chat, so you need to pay attention to it. Unless, of course, you’re rolling with teammates who have an allergy to communicating. In which case, you might as well accept that you’re headed for a defeat. There are also “pings” that you need to pay attention to. Team members typically use pings to alert teammates of incoming danger without having to type in chat.

You also need to constantly check the mini-map every three seconds or so. This is a crucial part in League. Everyone needs to be constantly aware of the locations of each teammate and enemy Champion. It’s your job to notify your teammates when the enemy Champion you’re up against in your lane is missing. It can be hard to keep track of what’s happening on the map (as in the actual game field) and the mini-map at the same time. Many new players frequently lose track of the latter because they’re pre-occupied with other stuff. Like practicing how to last-hit minions.

Another area that can overwhelm new players is the number of items in League. There are tons of them. At the very least, beginners to be familiar with the most important ones – like wards. Fortunately, all Champions usually only have a couple of equipment builds that best suit their style of play and abilities. Information on these “standard” builds can be easily found on the internet, giving new players the chance to learn which equipment to buy prior to entering a match.

4. Uncooperative or unhelpful teammates

As mentioned, League is a team-based game. Meaning, all five team members need to be working together to have a really good chance of winning. However, the problem is that there are a lot of instances where each team member would be doing their own thing in the match, which makes it hard for newbies to adapt to team-based gameplay.

There are also teammates who simply ignore everything that appears on team chat. This can be hard for new players because most of the time, they’ll be asking for gameplay tips. The worst part is that, whenever new players constantly screw up, teammates who have never said a word since the match started would suddenly turn into rant machines. (To be fair, though, there are also a lot of League players who are more than willing to show the ropes to an inexperienced rookie.)

5. Smurfs

Lastly, we have Smurfs. A Smurf, in League terminology, is a veteran or highly skilled player who uses a different, low-level account. There are a number of reasons why players create Smurf accounts, which you can easily buy from websites like Aussyelo.com. One of them is to “disguise” their skill level, join low-level matches, and then beat the crap out of unsuspecting new players.

Yes, there are many players who enjoy bullying and picking on less experienced players just for fun. It’s a cruel world out there. Because of this, many new players are often blindsided by opponents who clearly have been playing for a few years. New players who are up against a Smurf in their lane have practically zero chances of learning how to play properly and effectively. Well, aside from learning how to accept getting killed over and over again by a stronger opponent.

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