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Looking to get into League of Legends? Signing up is simple. But before diving into the largest online multiplayer community, consider first these four realities that every beginner has to deal with.

A lot of practice is involved

One of the main draws of League is that it is easy to pick up for beginners. The basic gameplay mechanics are easy to learn, with simple controls and a friendly interface (though the amount of information displayed on the screen is overwhelming at first). Compared to Dota 2 which has a steeper learning curve for newcomers, League is welcoming to first-timers in the MOBA genre.

But don’t be deceived by the friendly basics. It will take a lot of time and dozens of matches in order to really get into the swing of things. You can’t become adept at the gameplay in just a matter of weeks. League has lots of moving parts, which beginners need to adapt to in order to truly learn the game.

New players will really need to commit to playing League regularly to get better at it. Going from “absolutely clueless” to “pretty good” can take several months, depending on how fast a player learns. Heck, some players are still incompetent even after a year of playing. The bottom line is that though League is easy to learn, mastering the system and becoming a good player takes lots of practice. Newbies seeking to trade blows with the best of the best in just a short time will be in for a rude awakening.

Unwritten rules to live by

Aside from official rules and regulations written by Riot Games, beginners also need to get acquainted with all the unwritten rules in League. The good news is that you can pick up these unwritten rules simply by playing. How to tell if you’re breaking a rule or two? Don’t worry, League players will be more than happy to point it out whether you like it or not.

The unwritten rules are basically etiquettes that players need to be aware of in order to be a good member of the community. This includes rules like refraining from deliberately landing a killing blow to an opponent that another teammate singlehandedly brought down to critical health. In order words, don’t steal a kill from a teammate. Another example is to avoid picking off neutral monsters, which is the primary source of gold and EXP for the jungler.

There are also unwritten rules that are simply a matter of preference by the majority. One of the most notable is staying away from using Teemo as much as possible. That little shit is a sin and should have never been created in the first place. We have a detailed article about Teemo, in case you want to learn more about why the mouse-like Champion is hated by many.

Needless to say, new players also need to be really familiar with the current metagame. There are certain rules that all players are expected to be aware of when playing League such as the Support-and-ADC combo, who must always occupy the bottom lane. Due to the number of unwritten rules, it can be overwhelming to keep track of everything initially.

Teamwork is foreign to many players

League is a team-based online multiplayer game. Naturally, new players expect teamwork to be heavily involved in the gameplay. This isn’t always the case, however. Teamwork is a 50-50 affair in League, much to the dismay of many players.

In most matches, it isn’t unusual to be teamed up with at least one player who has no sense of teamwork whatsoever – a lone wolf, if you will. This kind of player typically stays silent throughout the match, minding his or her own business with little regard for other teammates. League is rife with such players, so expect to encounter one in every match.

Many players are also hard to work with, mainly due to ego and pride. Some find it hard to take instructions from other people while others downright suck at following discussed strategies. This is one of the main reasons why playing with real-life friends in League is seen as the best way to enjoy the game. It makes coordination a lot smoother and argument-free as much as possible.

A good way to approach League for new players is to learn how to work with others and how to play alone. Though the latter seems counterintuitive in a team-based game, it is necessary when teammates are simply extremely difficult to deal with, which happens quite a lot in League. For a team-based game, League is alarmingly full of players who have zero interest in teamwork.

Toxicity is always present

League is almost unanimously perceived as a toxic game by both players and outsiders. It is full of annoying trolls, rude and obnoxious players, and players with flaming tempers who spend more time lashing out at others than actually playing. Though Riot Games tries hard to keep the community peaceful, the task is simply too much.

New players need to be prepared to deal with the toxicity in League. This is not optional. It is a necessity in order to survive. You won’t last long if an insult or two easily get to you. And make no mistake, insults, curses, threats, and other hateful words will be thrown at you in League. There is no way to escape the toxicity, so the best way to deal with it is to get used to it and to not let it bother you.

Many new players quit League after just a couple of days or even just after a few matches because of the toxic nature of League. It is also one of the reasons why veterans walk away from the game after investing countless hours in it. The toxicity is that bad. Beginners need to be prepared to deal with it if they really want to play League and plan to stick around for a long time.

Think you can really handle League after considering everything in this article? If yes, we suggest that you get a Smurf account first in order to get a feel for the game without repercussions.

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