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league of legends newbie
  Thanks to the game’s widespread popularity, a lot of new players enter League of Legends every year. Of course, not every single one of them make it through another year, or perhaps into their first month. Some take in the ins and outs of the game fairly quickly and seamlessly integrate themselves into the ...
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October 29, 2016 admin

League of Legends Basics
So…you finally decided to buy a League of Legends account and start your path towards greatness (hopefully). But the trouble is that you don’t know where the heck to start. Don’t panic; everyone starts out clueless – don’t believe those that say they never went through a learning curve. Either they’re outright lying to you ...
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October 29, 2016 admin

It’s a pretty common sentiment that a Support in League of Legends carries the most responsibility out of the five roles in the game. After all, they’re the ones tasked with keeping everyone standing up and grinding away. And Support champions are some of the most fragile, so they also have their backs to look ...
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October 9, 2016 admin

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  • Joseph

    Amazing, great service. Chatting with a person from customer support was very reassuring and helpful.

  • Bill

    Great service. Fantastic. Worked with me throughout the whole process and updated me when they had more in stock.


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