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Most League of Legends players have one consistent and ultimate goal which is getting their account into a Diamond division. It’s estimated that only 1.9 – 2.5% of players are within a diamond division at any one time so it’s clear that you’ll need to have a high skill to reach Diamond. If you’re wondering how to get ...
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July 14, 2016 admin

In recent years major online games have developed the ability to build a game that allows games to play against other players of similar skill level. The League system is exactly that, a ranking system to find other players of a similar skill level to play with or against. Riot have opted to use a ...
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July 7, 2016 admin

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  • Joseph

    Amazing, great service. Chatting with a person from customer support was very reassuring and helpful.

  • Bill

    Great service. Fantastic. Worked with me throughout the whole process and updated me when they had more in stock.


AussyELO is an Australian based League of Legends account store, we do the grinding so you don’t have to. We take every possible precaution when creating and levelling your game accounts. We take pride in what we do. We sell level 30 unranked league of legend accounts for Oceania OCE server / Europe West EUW server / Europe Nordic-East server and North America NA server. We are available for