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League of legends learning not to feed

Contrary to popular belief, “feeding” in League of Legends is not just about getting your ass repeatedly handed to you by your enemies – it’s about not learning how to play it safe, too. The common sentiment is that everyone goes through a learning curve playing the game. Unfortunately, not everyone has the patience to actually witness someone going through it.

That’s one of the reasons why it can be tough to start out in League of Legends: Most of the time, you’re figuring things out on the fly and usually with a steady barrage of angry instructions from your veteran teammates. But don’t let that get you down; life is easier once you get the hang of surviving. And to make it easier for you, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind to avoid being branded as a “feeder.”

  1. As mentioned in our need-to-know newbie guide, when a teammate tells you to retreat or return to base, don’t second-guess it. Just do what he says. More often than not, an enemy gank is on the way when they tell you to get your ass off the lane. But sometimes your teammates may not notice everything that’s going on in the game. So it’s best to keep an eye on your mini-map, too. If one or two enemies are missing from their lanes, it would be a good time to stay at a safe position.

  1. Don’t rely solely on your poor support to keep up wards throughout the game. Remember, they can only carry four wards with them – they don’t have unlimited item slots, you know. Invest in placing wards as well. It gives your team more visibility of the map overall. So you’re not exactly just protecting yourself; you’re benefiting the team as a whole.

  1. Yes, it’s cool to have a high kill count. But the game is more than just chopping off heads. Don’t go for the kill every time you see a chance, especially if you need to dive the enemy. In a lot of cases, the seemingly wounded and helpless enemy running for his life is just a bait. Which leads to a gank. So don’t get greedy with kills, even if you own a high-level League of Legends account. Oh, and pick your battles, too. Even if you and your enemy are seemingly on the same level, it’s not always a good idea to challenge him. Like they say, sometimes a fight is won simply by not fighting at all.

  1. If the enemy has already feasted on your poor soul more than once in a one-on-one, it’s a good indicator that you don’t stand a chance against him. At least not in your current level and gear. Don’t think that maybe you should try different tactics to taking him down. But the more you do that, the stronger he gets. Which makes it more and more difficult every time. So just swallow your pride and hug your tower if you have to.

  1. And on a related note to number 4, if you see that your enemy is way ahead of you in gear, whether it’s thanks to your feeding or not, don’t engage in a fight. It’s during this time that you really, really need to focus on getting just minion kills and stay as far back as possible. Don’t give your enemy the slightest window to own you.

  1. It doesn’t matter whether you’re armed with a tank-like or an extremely squishy character when you buy a League of Legends account, don’t run into a bush and facecheck at the beginning of the match. A gank will most likely be shoved in your face. And don’t make it a habit later in the game to check if a gank is actually waiting behind bushes, too. If a couple of enemies are missing from their lane and you have the slightest instinct that a gank is on the way, head for safety. Avoid double-checking the bushes.

  1. Don’t try to copy another player’s “proven” builds, especially if he’s a professional. You’re getting way over your head. Copying other players’ character builds require you to equally copy their playing style. Which is extremely hard to do unless you have boss-like adaptation skills. Trying to copy a pro’s build will detract you from your own playing style, and that can throw you off your game. And enemies will be more than happy to take advantage.

  1. After a team fight and your team ended up as the victors, don’t immediately return to base and cash-in your gold for shiny new items. Just keep chugging away at minions for even more gold. With your lane enemy’s absence, that gives you a great opportunity to catch up on XP, even if it’s only for a very short time. But that’s assuming you were behind in the first place.

  1. Own up to your mistakes and avoid throwing the blame to anyone willing to listen. This is similar to number 4. If you already died to the same lane enemy (if you’re not a Jungler) more than once, then accept that perhaps he’s the better player. Don’t rush out of the base when you revive, thinking that you must avenge your name and pride. That’s your ego talking. You’ll most likely end up dying again.

  1. Practice. That’s it. Just practice. You can easily buy an unranked Smurf account, so take the chance to hone your game, feed less and make your teammates happy. Play in as many games as you can and remember to practice how to play in a defensive manner. This is especially crucial if you’re playing as the Support.

And as a final note: Learn to effectively communicate with your teammates, either through chat or even a Skype call. A lone wolf has no place in League of Legends, no matter how good you are. It’s a team game, remember? If you constantly ignore your teammates, then your chances of becoming a feeder will be even higher. Again, make it a priority to play defensively, no matter who you’re playing as: melee, ranged, OP or Teemo – defense first. Make that your mantra.

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