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Thanks to the game’s widespread popularity, a lot of new players enter League of Legends every year. Of course, not every single one of them make it through another year, or perhaps into their first month. Some take in the ins and outs of the game fairly quickly and seamlessly integrate themselves into the community. Others fail horribly and leave the game in tears, cursing everyone on their way out the door. The League of Legends community can be a very harsh and toxic place to live in. So if you’re diving head-first into it, make sure you have the necessary competitive spirit to push through the initial hurdles.

As a beginner in League of Legends, it can be dizzying to think what to do and what not to do. There are literally thousands of players who will tell you different things about the game. A lot of them are genuine and sincere about showing the ropes to a newbie like you. But there’s an equally high number of trolls and jackasses and downright meanies who take pride in bullying newbies. Don’t let the latter group of players get you down, however; just focus on your game.

With that in mind, there are some things in the game that you need to always keep in mind as you’re starting out. These things are like unwritten rules pertaining to etiquette that not only molds you into a great teammate/opponent, but also as classy member of the community.

  1. Make it a habit to start matches with a “GLHF/glhf” message to everyone – not just to your teammates. In case League of Legends is your first online competitive game ever, that’s an acronym translating to “good luck, have fun”. This is a way to show that you’re out to have fun in the game and you’re inviting everyone to do the same. Even in the most intense matches, it’s always good to have lifted spirits. And it’s a nice way to break the ice between your unknown teammates, too.

  1. In relation to number one, get acquainted with the game’s fairly expansive glossary of terms, codes and message shortcuts. It can be confusing and overwhelming at the start, but the last thing you would want is getting lost in translation in the midst of battle. So it’s really useful to know what your teammates are talking about. If you have terrible memory, write them down in a piece of paper and stick it beside your keyboard at all times.

  1. Don’t talk down on players if they’re getting pawned each and every time, regardless if they’re your teammate or opponent. Who knows, they may be a beginner like you too, except that they’re failing way horribly than you are or were. Some of them may simply be having a “down” day and can’t get their shit together. As tempting as it is to join the bandwagon of insult-spitting down-talkers, it’s always classy to take the high road.

  1. Don’t kill-steal, especially in the most blatant and obvious manner. Remember, the match is not about who gets to have the most kills; teamwork is at the center of things. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of kills if they’re all stolen from your teammates, which caused them not being able to build properly. You’re not a one-man show; you need all four of your teammates to win.

  1. And speaking of kill-steal, if your teammate is on the way to an assured double-, triple-, or penta-kill, don’t get in the way under any circumstances. Let them have it. Yes, you also had a hand in setting up the play that led to the multi-kill, but it’s pointless to sneak in a kill just to reward yourself.

  1. If your teammate tells you to go back, fall back, retreat or whatever similar term, heed the command ASAP. It doesn’t matter if said teammate is a 5-year veteran of the game or also a newbie like you – return to a safe spot without question. Don’t wait and see what would happen if you stick around because more often than not, you’ll end up in the wrong end of a gangbang.

  1. Always mind the things happening in your mini-map. Of course, you don’t have to stare at it for five seconds or longer every time. Just make sure to take a quick glance every now and then. This makes you aware of your teammates’ locations all the time, and if opponents are off their lane. And on a related note, always hand out a warning to your teammates if your lane opponent is missing-in-action.

  1. This one’s relatively technical, but learn the difference between direct movement and targeted movement. Most newbies go for the latter because of the convenience it presents. The former is what you would do by directly clicking your mouse on the ground. The latter is clicking specifically on an enemy or structure. Don’t get too lax and lazy with targeted movement.

  1. If you’re going AFK for whatever reason, let your team know. It’s a simple gesture and only takes a few keyboard presses. At least they will be aware that they’ll be down one teammate for a brief period (unless you’re quitting mid-game, which is another no-no).

  1. And the last but not the least is to…have fun. Yes, League of Legends can be hard to pick up initially. And yes, the community can be unforgiving most of the time. But if you stay true to the spirit of playing video games, which is having fun, then you should be good regardless whether you’re making progress or not with your skills.

Of course, to apply all these pointers, you first need to buy a League of Legends account. So go grab one now and start your trial-by-fire in the game. Oh, and one last thing: At the end of each match, similarly make it a habit to say “GG” or “good game”, regardless whether you won or not. It’s the farewell equivalent of “GLHF/glhf”. And if League of Legends proves too much for your taste, you can always buy a Pokemon Go account instead and dive into a friendlier gaming experience.

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