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10 Important Life Lessons League of Legends Can Teach You

League of Legends is notoriously known for being a toxic game full of salty players. But believe it or not, players can learn a few lessons while playing the game, too, which are applicable in real life. Here are 10 life lessons that players can learn from League of Legends.

1. Great teamwork usually goes hand in hand with success. League of Legends is a team-based game. Unfortunately, not many players have an idea on what “teamwork” is all about. Lack of communication between teammates usually leads to bad things, like, you know, losing the match. If you similarly work in a team-based environment in real-life, the road to a successful task or a project can be made easier by having great communication with your teammates.

2. Greed always clouds your vision. Ever had a teammate who simply chases after every wounded and fleeing Champion just to get the kill even if it’s at the expense of their own life? And that’s despite a number of warnings from you and your teammates? Greed always had a way of clouding people’s judgment, even in real life. It’s okay to take risks in your life. But there’s a difference between stepping outside of your comfort zone and simply pushing it. Trying to get more than you can handle will usually end up with you losing more than you had. Translation: Recognize your limits.

3. Own up to your mistakes and don’t blame others. When you’re losing in a League of Legends match, it’s easy to point fingers and blame others for the impending loss. A lot of players are like this, which is why the game is infamously known for its toxicity. A good player is someone who recognizes his mistake and doesn’t blame others for the loss. It takes courage and guts to do this, which is why not many go this route because of pride and ego. In real life, this is pretty much the same, especially in the workplace. Blaming others for your own mistakes isn’t good for your reputation and you might end up alienating yourself. And we all know how tough it is to work in an environment where everyone hates you.

4. Don’t lose sight on the goal or objective. Many players get easily provoked into one-on-one duels that they cannot win, especially when trash-talking is in play. This causes such players to focus on getting kills instead of pushing and going for turrets. The world is full of distractions, too. Everywhere you go, there’s always something that could sway your attention from whatever it is you’ve set out to do. But you know what? It’s all right to go on a detour or two sometimes. Everyone needs a break from time to time. The important thing is to not let distractions consume you. Always keep your eyes on the prize.

5. Learn to acknowledge the small details. We’re not telling you to go nuts on every tiny little detail in your life. That would be too much. What we’re saying is, don’t ignore the small things. Because some of them might prove important later on. You can also interpret this another way: Learn to appreciate the little things in life and don’t get too caught up with bigger things.

6. Learn to filter out positives from criticisms thrown at you. Let’s face it: There will always be people who will criticize you. And thanks to the popularity of social media, pretty much everyone can express their opinions over something. So how do you stay classy and deal with people who are critical of your every move? Well, the simplest way is to just ignore them, especially if you’re not even particularly close to them. But another way to deal with criticism is to unearth positives out of them. It’s a great way to learn new ways to improve your work. Because there are some things that are oblivious to you but are readily apparent to others.

7. Have the courage to try new things. Many dreams never came to fruition simply because people never had the courage to take that proverbial first step. You’ll never know unless you try, as the saying goes. In League of Legends, many players are afraid to try out a different build, lest they get a lashing out from their teammates for “playing around.” This is the same in real life. People often ridicule those who are doing something weird or different or something they simply haven’t seen before. Don’t let negative feedback and skepticism hold you back from doing something new and different in your life.

8. Don’t be shy about asking for help. Look, everyone needs a little help in his or her life. It’s all right to find the solution to your problem on your own at first. Some people are actually built like this – they don’t want to be a burden to others. But when you come to a point where you’re going nowhere, it would be best to put aside your pride and ego and seek others for help. There’s no need to be embarrassed about asking for help.

9. Not all arguments are worth sinking your teeth into. Everyone gets into arguments in real life. Whether it’s at home, at school, or at work. Heck, you could even get into an argument while out shopping or while simply parking your car. However, not all arguments are really worth your time, especially against unreasonable people. Pick your battles and only fight back when it’s absolutely necessary. Don’t be afraid to walk away from arguments. It doesn’t show you’re a coward; it’s actually the contrary.

10. No matter how good you think you are, there’s always someone better than you. Okay, this isn’t meant to discourage you or lower your morale. The point is to never be complacent and to always strive to be even better. Continue to push beyond your boundaries, as the cliché goes. Successful people stay being successful because they don’t slack off after tasting success. But as mentioned above, don’t bite more than you can chew.

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